Our Baby Room caters for up to three children per day, where babies are cared for in a home-from-home environment. Staff in the baby room provide a secure and familiar setting for playing, learning, trying new things and growing.

There is an attached sleeping room, which is quiet, comfortable and allows for close monitoring, where babies can recharge their batteries surrounded by soothing lighting and music.

We ask parents to provide us with an outline of their baby’s daily routine (i.e. sleeping and feeding times) so we can ensure continuity of care for the babies and peace of mind for you.

Staff are trained in first aid and all toys and books are age appropriate and safe.

With parental consent, we sometimes take our babies out for a walk around in their buggies, to give them fresh air and the opportunity to take in different surroundings.  This is always a hit with the little ones who love seeing the trees, birds and gardens around the nursery.

All activities within the nursery meet the three areas of learning outlined in the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage.