Our Toddler Rooms caters for up to 9 children per day in each room.

Each child is encouraged to learn through play in a relaxed and non-intrusive way. This is achieved through a set routine, devised by the Room Manager and Key Person on a two weekly basis, of activities that will be carefully chosen to meet the capabilities and interests of the children and of which feed into each child's next steps.

Within their daily routine, the children are offered a choice of activities, to include art, music, cooking, as well as story time sessions and group play with a choice of multi-cultural toys.

Throughout your child's day, we make use of our soft play room as well as plenty of outside playtime to use up their abundance of energy and let off steam!  On occasions we will also go out of the setting for a trip around the community or to visit our adopted donkey at the Flicker Foundation.

Daily diaries are completed throughout the day to keep you informed of all aspects of your child’s day, recording all activities undertaken, times and length of sleep and meals eaten.

We ask parents to provide a few photographs of pets, relatives or friends, which can be stuck in the back of the diary and used during discussions between your child and their Key Person.  This assists speech development and helps them settle into the nursery and feel comfortable with staff.

As all toddlers need their naps, there is a separate sleeping room (covered by two-way listening monitors and staff attendance), which is quiet, comfortable and well ventilated, where children can recharge their batteries surrounded by soothing music.

All activities within the nursery meet the three areas of learning outlined in the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage.