Launched by Rachel Jones in 2001, Fit 'N' Fun Kids has become widely known as one of the top childcare providers in Cornwall.

Our main nursery is based in Falmouth, with out of school care and support creche's also offered around the county.

Our Ethos

Fit N Fun Kids Ethos is to give children in our care the best start in life.

Because children learn most effectively when they’re having fun, we focus on learning through purposeful play - guiding, prompting, using open questions and encouraging them throughout the day. Each child is allowed to take things at their own pace, with their key person identifying each stage of their development and supporting them through every fascinating and exciting adventure.

Our early initiative of care pre-birth onwards is achieved by taking our childcare in to the community and at our core setting.  We have wonderful opportunities to support young babies from birth which is a time for so many new experiences for your little ones and a time for us to really bond with your child, care and support them at the beginning of their life journey.   Supporting your child to feel safe and secure is of paramount importance to us, whilst stimulating and promoting optimal brain development. This, extended further with support of their physical development as they learn to move is an exciting time for both them, yourself and us!

As your ‘little’ ones become more independent our childcare areas are designed to support such independence both inside and outside with free flow provision, allowing choice of environment in which to learn and grow.

Regardless of where your child is on entry level, we are committed to ensuring high quality care and education to support every child in reaching their developmental milestones.   We ensure this by our children’s curriculum being designed by our Early Years Teachers, supported by highly skilled and experienced Practitioners and critically evaluated by our management team and of course yourselves as parents as your child’s key educator.

The journey your child will have within our pre-school is designed to accommodate the fastest of the development phases. We will support your child to become school ready and gain the essential skills they require for their next stage within Reception of your chosen primary school.

Strong links with our local schools support such transitions and our work here is to ensure that all our children are educated in the key areas of their development, from their independence to age related learning goals.

At the graduation of your child’s journey with Fit N Fun Kids we would aim for them to be confident, resilient, independent and happy young people!