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As employers it is our duty to support the well-being of our staff. At Fit N Fun Kids, we make it our priority next to providing high quality childcare for our families. Our reasoning behind this, other than it being a statutory duty, is that we understand in order to provide high quality childcare and education, we need to ensure our team of practitioners are fit and well to provide such quality.

In a sector that is underfunded, many who chose to work in childcare are certainly not in it for the money, they are here because they are passionate in providing outstanding care and education for the children in their care.

A high majority of practitioners work a ten hour day in a physically and mentally demanding role. They support every area of learning unique to each child; they meet any additional need that child may require; they educate; they provide a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment; they support each parent from initial enquiry, day to day, until transition of their child to school and for some this can extend to breakfast, after school and holiday care for that child.

Each practitioner carries emotions for that child similar to a parent, they do not turn off when they go home, they always go that extra mile and for some put in so much more than what is required of them.

We work in a sector that predominantly employs women. Young girls who are studying for additional qualifications to enable them to qualify for their jobs (despite having every attribute we could ask for) and to succeed in their careers; we employ working mothers who as we know carry so much more responsibility than their day to day work.. this could be caring for their own family, an elderly parent or relative and who may be facing their own personal struggles of which they may or may not wish to share. These women coach and mentor others and are positive role models for the children they support to flourish.

Similar to many other employers, we are striving to give our staff the support, reward, training and positive work environment they require and deserve and so, have made it our priority to also go that extra mile in creating for them their own special room in which to relax, take time and breathe.

Our Mindfulness Room.

Mindfulness Room

Scented oils

Tranquility colouring book

Mindfulness room

Mindfulness room

Positive comments board

Dear team, you're all amazing - keep up the great work!

Thank you cards

You can relax when you bring your child to Fit 'N' Fun Nurseries, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe, stimulated, nurtured, educated, supported and encouraged.

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