Fun activities you can do with your children!

Fun activities you can do with your children!

1. At the beach

  • Make tracks in the sand using hands, spades, cars, trucks etc – which object leaves the widest / thinnest track, can you walk along the tracks you have made one foot in front the other?
  • Build an island out of sand for a toy or yourself.
  • Painting rocks – with a bucket of sea water, or paints
  • Making sandcastles – different sizes, different shapes. Can you make a flag to go on the top?
  • Making a pattern out of stones and shells – can you count how many stones / shells you have used? Which is the biggest? Which is the smallest? What patterns can you see?
  • Natural beach treasure hunt
  • Mark making in the sand
  • Looking through binoculars, what can you see? You could turn this into a game of eye spy!
  • Running races
  • Ball games – throw and catch, bat and ball, football.
  • Collecting natural objects to create a picture e.g. make a face, an animal, a car etc.
  • Throwing stones into the water
  • Rock pooling


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2. In your garden or local woodland

  • Painting on the pavement or fence with water – you can use a range of brushes or spray bottles.
  • Get creative and make some ‘listening ears’ out of card or paper, then go on a listening walk around the garden / woodland / beach - what sounds can you hear? Can your children draw or write the sounds they hear?
  • Go on a bug hunt.
  • Look at the patterns on leaves / flowers / fences / trees – if you have some paper and crayons you could do some rubbings (place paper on top of the object, hold crayons sideways and rub backwards and forwards).
  • Go on a natural treasure hunt – how many bumpy, smooth, brown, green, round, square things can you find for example.
  • Place a strip of double sided tape on a piece of card, see how many different coloured natural objects you can find.
  • Mark make in mud with sticks.
  • Build a den.
  • Leaf painting.
  • Go on a bear hunt or a Gruffalo hunt.
  • Planting seeds and gardening.
  • Make daisy chains.
  • Hide and seek in the garden.
  • Mix soil with water – use this to paint pictures using brushes or hands.
  • Support children to practice taking photos of wildlife – using phones, tablets, cameras etc.
  • Observational drawings of what they can see.
  • Counting number of insects / birds / flowers / trees etc.
  • Bean game (runner bean – running on the spot, jumping bean - jump, baked bean - bend down small, broad bean – stretch out wide).
  • Traffic light game (red light – stop, orange light – walk, green light – run).

local Woodland

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3. In your home

  • Sharing books and reading to your children.
  • Matching and pairing up socks, shoes, gloves etc.
  • Threading with pasta, or threading cheerio’s onto dried spaghetti.
  • Pegging up the washing.
  • Mark making in dried rice, flour, lentils, sand, shaving foam.
  • Getting creative with a range of paint, pens, crayons, pencils.
  • Junk modelling and joining with empty boxes, plastic bottles, sticky tape etc.
  • Lots of counting and identifying numbers in the environment.
  • Baking and cooking – making cakes, biscuits, fruit salad, sandwiches etc.
  • Board games to encourage turn taking and social interaction.
  • Sing with your children.
  • Experiment with moving in different ways to a range of music.
  • Grouping objects according to colour.
  • Ordering teddies according to size.
  • Add numbers to cars and draw numbered ‘parking spaces’, children can park each car in the correct numbered space.
  • Drawing self-portraits / looking in mirrors and talking about how they are feeling and why.
  • Role play – pretend to be explorers, builders, teachers etc.
  • Build a den – place a blanket over chairs or table.
  • Make a home-made cinema.
  • Water play.
  • Have a teddy bears picnic.
  • Construction challenges using Lego, bricks, Duplo etc.
  • Make play dough – (2 cups of plain flour, 2 tbsp vegetable oil, ½ a cup of salt, 1 cup of warm water, 2 tbsp cream of tartar, a few drops of paint or food colouring).
  • Freezing toy animals in ice and exploring different ways of rescuing them.


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Whilst this is an uncertain time for many of us, keep positive and use this time to have lots of fun with your children! Feel free to keep us updated with what you are up to at home via Tapestry; it would be great to see and keep in touch!

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