Latest fun activities to enjoy at home with your little ones

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Preschool and explorers

  • Share books about transitioning to school and how we are feeling about it.
  • Practice putting your coat on and zipping it up! 
  • Make a shopping list 
  • Count objects in your environment, can you write the number down? 
  • Looking at size. Who is the tallest/smallest in your family? Who has the biggest hands or feet in your house?


  • Make musical instruments with different resources around your house 
  • Paint your garden fence with a paintbrush and water 
  • Create a picture using sticks and stones in your garden 
  • Shapes in your home. Can you find something circular or square shaped? 
  • Can you point out different objects in your favourite story book?

Inspiration room

  • Build a tall tower together 
  • Place a large sheet of paper or cardboard on the floor and making marks 
  • Make gloop together (cornflour and water)
  • Try some new foods at snack time! 
  • Role play with baby dolls, bowls and spoons

Under 2’s

  • Tummy-time:  For babies, try rolling a towel and putting it under their armpits to support their chest as it will not feel as uncomfortable as being face down.  Lie next to them and provide some entertainment through facial expressions, talking, singing and/or their favourite high contrast toys or books.
  • Baby massage (using baby oil or baby lotion) 
  • For older babies (6 months+) provide mirrors to look at self and different facial expressions. 
  • Water play – hours of fun! 
  • Talk to baby, wait at least 10 seconds for a response.  

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