Responses to Parent Satisfaction Survey October 2020

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Thank you to those who completed our Parent Satisfaction Survey, we received 53 responses from approximately 85 families. We really appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey, constructive feedback is extremely valuable to us in order to support our ambition to continually improve our service.

Detailed below are the outcomes of our survey: –

Question 1:

Did you feel as new parents to the setting that your settling in experience was positive?


Exceeded expectations 64.15% (34 parents)
Met expectations 33.96% (18 parents)
Below expectations 1.89% (1 parent)

Our response:

We are delighted by this feedback as gathering as much information as possible at your child’s starting point is essential in ensuring your child’s smooth settling in period with us and their continued development.

We have discussed with one parent who felt the experience was not positive and we understand this was due to the Covid restrictions in place and not meant as a negative response. Can we however remind parents, if they do feel they would like a to visit the nursery we are able to accommodate a visit out of hours. 

Question 2:

Do you feel that your child is happy here and that we are meeting their emotional wellbeing?


Always 90.57% (48 parents)
Usually 9.43 % (5 parents)

Our response:

We are very pleased by this response.

Emotional wellbeing is of the upmost importance to us and is covered in the ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’ aspect of the EYFS.  Daily activities are planned to support this.

For those that registered a ‘usually’ response, it would be really helpful to know more about where you feel we could improve.  We appreciate our survey is anonymous but if you are able to email us to inform us of where you feel improvements can be made or if you wish to discuss your thoughts further, please do email or telephone ourselves or discuss with your child’s key worker at drop off or collection.  We really do take any feedback as constructive and it is extremely valuable.

Question 3:

Do you feel we are continually meeting a high level of quality childcare and education for your child?


Always 86.68% (47 parents)
Usually 11.32 % (6 parents)

Our response:

We are very pleased by this response.

For those that registered a ‘usually’ response, it would be really helpful to know more on where you feel we could improve. We aim to create an enthusiastic and motivating learning environment by following and enhancing child-initiated interests, incorporating these interests within adult-led activities, to create a love of learning. If you notice your child displays a particular interest at home, please feel free to share this with your child’s key person and we can work together to extend this interest both within the setting and at home.

We welcome feedback relating to your views around high quality childcare and education, our Early Years Teacher (Sasha) aimed to capture parents’ thoughts around this within her MA research. We recently documented the outcome of this research and how the setting has embedded parent’s thoughts and ideas around quality practice within a previous newsletter, if you would like to find out more about this please contact us and we can discuss this further.

Question 4:

Do you feel supported by our team of Practitioners and Management?


Always 92.23% (51 parents)
Usually 3.77 % (2 parents)

Our response:

We are very pleased by this response.

Again, if there is any further expansion on ‘usually’ this would be very helpful, thank you.

Question 5:

Do you feel the team communicate well during feedback at the end of each session?


Always 73.58% (39 parents)
Usually 26.42 % (14 parents)

Our response:

We are very pleased by this response.

For those that registered a ‘usually’ response, it would be really helpful to know more on where you feel we could improve. Please email in further feedback if possible. Thank you.

Question 6:

Do you feel you are always informed fully of your child’s progress?


Always 56.6% (30 parents)
Usually 30.19 % (16 parents)
Sometimes 13.21% (7 parents)

Our response:

Thank you for your feedback.

Our elements of feedback are currently offered via:

  • Discussion with management or key person at drop off. 
  • Feedback at the end of your child’s session with ourselves.
  • Via your child’s observations updated to FAMLY.
  • During parent evenings.
  • By arranged appointment with your child’s Practitioner, Room Leader or Teacher.
  • Activities enjoyed are also shared on our closed/private parent page on Facebook and Newsletters.

We appreciate there has been some changes during the current pandemic, i.e. dropping and collecting from reception area.  Feedback has been that this has been a welcomed option and more effective in regards to sharing of information rather than in the childcare rooms.  If you feel that we could improve here please do let us know.

Launching our new nursery software has also improved communication and now allows us to inform of your child’s general information throughout the day as well as at feedback.

We have sent out two dates for a virtual parent’s evening which has been well received although not all parents have taken us up on our offer.  If you would like to join our virtual parents evening, please do let us know.

Again, if there is anything further we can do please do let us know.

Question 7:

Do you agree that our new nursery software package FAMLY has enhanced communication and partnership with parents?


A great deal 56.6% (30 parents)
A lot 32.08 % (17 parents)
A moderate amount 7.55% (4 parents)
A little 1.89% (1 parent)

Our response:

We are very pleased by this response and feedback we have received to date.  This was always a strong area for us, however, we realised during the pandemic, we could enhance this through an ‘App’.

We have found that connectivity was an issue that often slows down the update of data so we have installed boosters in all the rooms.  This has helped a little.

It is essential however, that uploading the data does not take away from our time with the children. Therefore, if busy, the team do upload the data during quieter periods.  This will sometimes mean that the timings of say snack, nappy changes or naps may not always be in sync, but we can confirm that the content of the data is accurate.  All information will of course be feedback at the end of the session in any event.

We have also found that the nursery software package has assisted us in being able to share information with you directly through the App which has enhanced the level of communication and timings of important messages.

One parent did feedback that it can be annoying to receive general responses from others to a notification, such as when we put out the availability of booking in for our Parents Evening.  The solution to this will be that in future we will ensure that when we are sending out a message with a ‘call to action’ that we provide an email address for responses to save everyone receiving a trail of notifications through responses.

Question 8:

Do you find our monthly Newsletters informative and helpful?


A great deal 33.96% (18 parents)
A lot 35.85% (19 parents)
A moderate amount 1.89% (1 parent)
A little 1.89% (1 parent)

Our response:

During lockdown, it came to our attention that many of the newsletters were ending up in our parent’s spam.  We therefore arranged for our monthly newsletters to be sent out via Mailchimp.  We received a couple of comments within the survey informing us that some of our parents are still not receiving our Newsletters – if you are one of these parents please can you email and we will ensure you are added to the Mailchimp list.

We always put our Newsletters on our website on the day we send these out.  You can find them here:

One parent mentioned that our Newsletters often talk about what we have done with the children rather than what we plan to do in the coming month.   Our child-led approach means that it can be a challenge to foresee the direction of learning for the whole month ahead, as topics can change or alter as children direct their own learning and display different interests. Therefore, we felt it works better to discuss the fun and enjoyment experienced over the previous month and how this has influenced the topic on entry to a new month. However, we also have a rough idea of topics or events we would like to cover in advance e.g. Diwali or Christmas, due to the rich learning opportunities and experiences created. We can let you know about specific events or initial topics in advance, should there be anything you need to prepare or bring in for your child.

Question 9:

Do you feel confident that we are doing all we can to keep you, your children and our staff safe during the current pandemic?


Yes 100% (53 out of 53 parents)

Our response:

We are delighted with this result – keeping everyone safe is our number one priority and none more so than during the current pandemic!

Can we take this opportunity to thank everyone for their understanding and support as we implemented and updated our Setting Operational Procedures and for your continued support as the restrictions and safe working practices change from time to time.

Question 10:

Is there anything more we can do to support you?


We received approximately 33 comments.

Most stated there was nothing further required and thanked us for specific areas of support.

We list here our responses/solutions/actions to the remainder of the comments:


One parent asked if we could provide options for teas.  We have sent a message out on FAMLY to gather feedback as to whether we provide a daily freshly cooked tea option, if we would have more interest in teas than at present, we only have an average of one child per day requesting tea.

For this reason, we currently freeze down a couple of tea options.  If we received an average of 4 to 5 children per day wishing to have tea with us, we would then be able to add teas to our daily menu, of which would be prepared and cooked freshly each day as per our lunches.

If you would like your child to have tea with us please do let us know and we will make the suggested change as per above.

Covid restrictions:

A couple of parents have mentioned that although not wishing to come across as a negative comment, they feel they have been impacted by not being able to enter the nursery fully, not being able to attend events such as our Pre-school Graduation, Sports Day and future events for the time being.  We fully understand this and sympathise, we miss this interaction too.  Thank you for your kind comments as to what we have managed to do in include parents as much as possible.  We will continue to undertake nursery show-arounds out of hours and hold meetings virtually and look forward to the day we can return to celebrating events together!  Thank you for your support.

Please remember there is a video on our homepage of our website that gives a good insight to the nursery and outside areas.

Term Time Funded Hours:

We have placed this document on FAMLY.

Fluid Consumption:

One parent said it would be good to know what their child’s fluid intake is during the day.  We can confirm fluid intake is monitored and if we had any concerns, we would definitely inform parents at the end of the session or via a phone call.  However, if you wish more detailed feedback such as this, we are more than happy to do this at the end of the session.  All other feedback as to consumption of snack, lunches, sleeps, nappies etc will be uploaded to FAMLY and fed back at the end of the day.

Deeper Feedback of Child Development:

One parent asked for more guidance as to how their child was performing in different areas in relation to the expected levels.  We have fed back to this parent directly but this is something we can cover at our up and coming Parent Evening.  If any parent is unable to attend our Parent Evening in November and wishes to have a more detailed discussed please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

Future Parent Evenings will be held termly.

More photos if possible:

We agree that we do need to share more of ALL room’s activities and we will endeavour to improve on this.  We do share in our ‘parent private group’ on Facebook so please do request access to this if you are not yet on this platform.

When the girls have time away from the children (which is not always possible and dependant on numbers in each day), they will upload photo or video observations to FAMLY.

Thank you again for all your responses.  This has really been extremely helpful.

Regards, Rachel and team!

Download the results here

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