Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter November 2017




Lynn, Day Care Manager                 

 Welcome to November’s Newsletter.  We would like to welcome Charlene and Rebecca, who have recently joined us, to our team.

This month Suzanne Johnson will be coming in to take some photographs of your children in the nursery, this will take place over four days from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th.  These photos will then be available for you to purchase in time for Christmas.  Children in Need also takes place on Friday 17th November, the children are welcome to wear something spotty on the day, we will have lots of games and activities to raise money for this great cause.

We also have a Christmas Wreath workshop taking place on the 23rd November from 6pm-9pm. If you would like to join us please pop into the office for more details.

Don’t forget to keep adding all the exciting things your children do onto Tapestry for us to see.

Upcoming dates for your diary:

Parents evening for the whole nursery 5th & 7th December 6-8pm, forms will go up on the doors of your child’s room for you to complete the time you wish to come in and see us.

Preschool Christmas Carol service @ the Donkey Sanctuary in Mabe, 12th and 14th December 10am-11.30am, followed by tea and cake in the café;  tickets will be available to purchase in December for this, with all monies raised going to the Donkey Sanctuary to help support all the adorable donkeys.




Andrea, Under Twos Manager

 This month Under 2’s will be focussing mainly on Space.  We will be looking at pictures and creating our own planets, making rockets and spacemen, this links to understanding of the world and exploring media and materials in the EYFS.  We will also be getting messy exploring gloop and other types of sensory play.

With Remembrance Sunday on the 11th of November, we will be doing some poppy crafts that week, linking to British Values and people and communities in the EYFS.

Children in Need is on the 17th November and we will be doing some Pudsey Bear arts and crafts and baking some biscuits with the children.  The theme for children in need this year is spots; if you would like your children to dress up and donate to children in need that would be wonderful.

Please can you remember to bring in wellies for your children so that we can explore outdoors, whatever the weather (names in them would be very helpful).

Reminder – The children’s red art bags are getting full, so please can you take home their lovely artwork so we can fill them with more!



Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

November in the Littles Room is all about Space, we will be learning about the solar system which helps with the children’s understanding of the world, making telescopes, creating mooncakes and exploring moon sand.

We will be reading the book ‘Aliens love Underpants’ which links to Literacy in the EYFS and the children will be designing their own Aliens and underpants.  The children will learn their numbers through space themed songs and their shapes by making rockets.  These activities help the children to develop their mathematics skills.

We will also be making and decorating poppies with the children as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day and celebrating our British values.

Just a little reminder, please send in coats with your children (with names on please) as we use our outside area to extend our play every day.



Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

 Welcome back to the start of the second half of the Autumn term, this term we will be focusing on celebrations around the world, from Bonfire night to Remembrance day, to Thanksgiving, Diwali, St Andrews Day and Christmas (which is fast approaching!). As we are guided by the children’s interests and experiences, this may vary slightly, or may lead onto different topics along the way. For example, looking at Diwali (the festival of light) may lead to experimenting with light and dark, which could develop on to exploring space.

We are starting this half term by looking at Diwali, incorporating our British Values, enabling the children to develop their knowledge on a range of celebrations and the reasons behind these, and compare the similarities and differences between cultural celebrations and the celebrations they themselves have experienced. This aims to build upon their knowledge of the world and in particular their understanding of respecting and valuing all people and communities. This will then lead on to bonfire night, building upon the importance of health and self-care relating to firework safety. We will be exploring lots of colours, textures and creating lots of firework themed pictures using a range of media and materials.

We will briefly explore the story of Guy Fawkes and share a range of poems which use firework sounds e.g. zoom, pop, bang. The children may also have a go at creating their own poems in groups too!

We have lots of exciting things to look forward to this term and I’m sure the children will help to come up with lots of ideas, suggestions and questions to explore as well. As always please feel free to come in and have a look at all the things we are getting up to and add anything you like on to Tapestry too. We have loved looking at all the lovely things some of the children have been up to outside of the setting over the last term.

As the weather is getting rather wet and cold, could you please bring in a coat and welly boots for your child / children, (with names on them) as we spend quite a lot of time outside – in all weather conditions! Many thanks 



Amy, Out of School & Holiday Club Team

We hope you have had an amazing and spooky Halloween and received plenty of treats!  Our theme for November is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  All the children have put forward their ideas for this; such as making a chocolate cake, creating their own Wonka golden tickets, a cake and sweet sale, sweet tasting test and transforming the room into our own Wonka factory, plus much much more!

As bonfire night also falls in November, we will be creating our own fireworks display and having a toasty fire in the garden toasting marshmallows.  We will also be talking to the children about fire safety.

Children in Need is on Friday 17th November with the theme of Spots if you would like to send the children in with something to put on after School!




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