Newsletter July 2018

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Dear Parents,

Welcome to this month’s newsletter, what a busy month we have in store! Firstly parents evening for all rooms take place this month:

Under 2’s room: Tuesday 17th July and Thursday 19th July

Littles room: Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July

Explorers and Preschool rooms: Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July

Meetings start from 6pm, please see the sheet on your child’s classroom door to book a slot with their keyperson.

Preschool Sports Day takes place on Tuesday 17th of July at Falmouth Rugby Club from 10am. All welcome and don’t forget your trainers!!

Our end of term BBQ and Preschool graduation celebration will take place on Friday 27th July from 4pm. All children and parents are welcome from all rooms to come and celebrate the end of another fantastic year. This will be the last day for our term time only children. Those with extended funded hours finish on the 31st August.

Preschool: Teddy Tennis has now finished for 2 weeks as Cheryl is on holiday. She will be in contact to arrange some more Friday morning sessions when she gets back. The children are really enjoying these sessions and it is a great addition to our week.

Important reminder:  Please keep your child at home from nursery if they have sickness or diarrhoea for 48 hours after their last symptoms, as this can be very contagious resulting in both staff and children becoming unwell.  Thank you for your support with this.

Andrea Andrea, Under Twos Manager

This month our topic is all about the Beach and Summer.  We will be looking at what there is at the beach and what we use, for example what animals we may see.  We will also have fun making sandcastles and eating ice cream!

We will be doing lots of creative activities using different materials, eg painting with sand and ice cream cones; this covers exploring media and materials in the EYFS.  Hopefully we will have lots of nice weather and we will spend as much time outside as possible exploring the sand and water.  Please can you ensure your child has a sunhat, sun cream and a change of clothes.  Being outside with the other children will cover a lot in the EYFS, such as making relationships, moving and handling the world, exploring media and materials.

Under 2’s parents evening will be on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

I would like to start July’s newsletter by inviting you all to our Little’s room parents evenings, which will be held on Tuesday 17th July and Thursday 19th July from 6pm to 8pm.  There is a sign up sheet outside of the Little’s room for you to book an appointment.

July will start with a bang as we celebrate Independence Day; the children will use red, white and blue resources to make flags and fireworks as well as exploring a lot of sensory activities, these link to Understanding of the world and Exploring media and materials.  Our theme will then change to pirates and mermaids and we will make our own pirate hats, eye patches and treasure chests.  We will also decorate some mermaid tails and take a visit to the beach to look for our own treasure. This links to being imaginative and also with our British Values.

Please apply sun cream to your children before sending them into nursery so we can enjoy the sunshine as soon as the children arrive, we will re-apply later in the day.  If you can also ensure the children have spare clothes as we will be exploring lots of water and using the paddling pool when we can.

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

What a busy term it has been so far, we have been super busy getting school ready and exploring the ‘People Who Help Us’ within the community. So far pre-school have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service, Police and some of their Teachers! We also have visits from a Doctor, Nurse and Dentist soon for the children to look forward to as well! Over this month we will continue to encourage and build upon the children’s independence within the environment, developing those essential skills needed for school.

We will also continue to explore the people who help us within the community, widening the children’s understanding of the ‘people and communities’ element within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children will be able to share their experiences of visiting the dentist or doctors, building upon their ‘listening and attention’ and ‘speaking’ skills. We will go on to do lots of role play, encouraging the children to ‘be imaginative’ to become doctors and dentists, writing booking forms, taking telephone messages and counting bones and teeth etc. We will also continue to build upon school transitions, with regular talks and activities to prepare the children for this.

This year has gone so quickly, I can’t believe it is almost the end of the school year already. We have all had lots of fun together!

Please continue to add to Tapestry, we love to see the fun things you all get up to outside of the setting. Please also bring in any of our spare clothes you may have and a sun hat, sun cream (please can you apply sun cream before you bring them in) and spare clothes for your child. 🙂

Amy Amy, Out of School & Holiday Club Manager

After School Club

This is our last month in out of school and we will be carrying on with our outdoor activities and enjoying our paddling pool so please send your child in with some spare clothes and sun cream.  We will also be enjoying some baking, hama beads and board games.  We will have a party on our last day, with lots of fun activities and party games.

Holiday care Club 

Note – please note that our Holiday Clubs will continue, however, due to numbers we are only taking children up to the ages of 6 years.

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