Newsletter September 2018

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Welcome to September’s newsletter. Firstly, we would like to wish all our children the very best of luck as they start school, they are a credit to you all and I would like to thank Sasha and the team for preparing them for their next chapter.  Don’t forget if you need care during the half terms and holidays, we have places for reception and class one children in our preschool room.

We would like to wish Amy the very best of luck as she moves to Essex to pursue her career as a makeup artist and welcome back Sennen.  Also welcome to Gemma and Zoe who have joined our team.  Massive congratulations to Rachael Beresford on the birth of Jack, who is adorable.

We will be continuing our forest and beach school throughout September as well as Zumba and teddy tennis sessions in Preschool.  For more information please pop into the office.   Please can you ensure your child has a labelled coat as we like to go outside in all weathers, wellies would be great to.

We will be holding a coffee morning for McMillan on Friday 28th September 2018, we would be grateful for donations of cakes and please pop in to buy some and support this brilliant charity.

Can I remind parents to please keep their children at home for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea as this is very contagious.

Please remember to pop into the office if you would like to discuss any of your childcare needs, our door is always open.

Andrea Andrea, Under Twos Manager

Firstly this month we will be focusing on the start of autumn, we will be creating different autumn things, including leaves, trees and animals using a range of materials. This covers Exploring Media and Materials and The World in the EYFS.

We will have a sensory tub filled with soil, leaves, twigs, pine cones etc and talk about the different things we see.  This covers The World, Understanding and Speaking in the EYFS.

Later in the month we will be looking at people who help us, like The Fire Brigade, The Police, The Ambulance and Doctors, The Dentist, The Vets etc and doing crafts using the different textures and tools. This covers Exploring Media and Materials in the EYFS.

We will also have areas set up of the different people that help us, so we can see what they do and how they help us and act some of these things out through role paly and small world paly. This covers The World, People and Communities, Being Imaginative and Speaking in the EYFS

Please can parents send photos in for their child’s family book, if you have not already done so, we can photocopy these or you can email them in if it is easier.

Just a reminder to check your child’s red artwork bag and empty it if needed, as we have been getting very creative lately. If you are unsure where to find this please ask a member of staff in the under 2’s room.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

September in the Littles room is all about animals, we are going to start our month learning about Old McDonald and all his animals on the farm, the children will learn the sign language for each animal which links to the communication and language in the EYFS and also make their own animals to add to our farm display using a range of media that links to understanding of the world and exploring media and materials in the EYFS.

We are then going to be learning about the animals at the zoo, Reading the book Dear Zoo and making our own Dear Zoo display in our room, this links to your children’s Literacy and Communication and Language development in the EYFS. We will also learn about where around the world we may find the animals in the book which helps with the children’s understanding of the world around them.

You may notice that your child has a new key person this month as we have moved a few children around within the staff in Littles, there will be letters about this handed out at the beginning of the month.

As always if you would like to discuss anything with us we are available anytime, in person, by phone or by email.

Claire and the Littles Team

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Hello and welcome to the start of a new term – how exciting! We are looking forward to welcoming lots of new children and families into Pre-school and Explorers over the next few weeks, please feel free to come in and discover our wonderful rooms, the door is always open if you would like to pop in for a chat, share something your child has done or just to see all the exciting things we have been getting up to!

We are starting our new term with an ‘All About Me’ theme, this will help the children to settle in, get to know each other and each other’s interests to help form relationships, self-confidence, a sense of belonging and also to support the children in managing their feelings and behaviour. It would be really great if you and your child could put together an ‘All About Me’ bag to bring into Pre-school / Explorers the week beginning Monday the 17th of September. This can be any kind of bag you have at home to fill with a few special items to the child – perhaps a family photo, a favourite toy / outfit, or something personal / special to them, which they can share and talk about with their friends (Please do not worry we will take good care of anything that is brought in). This aims for the children to learn more about each other and themselves and develop their speaking, understanding and listening skills. I think it is also quite a nice activity for you to do together at home too. J

We will also be looking at where we live, pets, different families, health and self-care and generally learning more about themselves and others. As we follow the children’s interests the order and content of this may vary from week to week. For example looking at pets, may lead to learning about different animals, such as animals from the farm, zoo or sea, or looking at different types of housing may lead to different ways of living around the world. This enables us to engage and motivate the children to learn continuously, through meeting their individual needs and interests by encouraging them to suggest and direct ideas for their own learning.

Your child will also be coming home with a new ‘All about me’ form, if you could please fill this in so we have up to date information and please feel free to add anything you like to Tapestry – as we absolutely love to see what great things you have been getting up to at home.

As the weather is fairly unpredictable at the moment, please could you bring in a coat and welly boots for your child, (please label these) as we spend quite a lot of time outside on our forest school and beach school adventures! Thank you!

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