Newsletter October 2018

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Welcome to this month’s newsletter.

Well done to our team who received highly commended for our work with parents for our Young mums will achieve program at the Nursery world awards in London, this is a fantastic achievement. We are now really excited for the up and coming National Children and Young People awards where we are finalists in the Early Years category.

Thank you to the parents and carers who supported our Macmillan coffee morning, we raised a total of £73.35 for this great cause!
Suzanne Johnson photography will be coming in to take photographs of the children week beginning the 29th October for the week; these will be available on time for Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Teddy tennis- Teddy Tennis is now available for children from 2 and a half years old, which means some of our Littles children can join in too! Cheryl our teddy tennis teacher comes in every Friday morning to do a session with the children. Don’t forget it’s open to Explorers and Pre-school children!

Polite reminder- could all parents and carers please take extra care when driving in and parking in the car park. Please reverse into the spaces provided. The children’s safety is our priority. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

It’s that time of year again! With lots of bugs and sickness going around if you child has a sickness or diarrhoea bug please keep them at home for 48 hours after their last symptom.

We have a busy and exciting couple of months coming up so please look out for some important dates in November’s newsletter!

Andrea Andrea, Under Twos Manager

Firstly this month we will be focusing on vehicles, we will be creating different vehicles, using a range of materials. This covers Exploring Media and Materials and The World in the EYFS.

We will have the small world area set up with the cars and garage. This covers The World, Understanding and Speaking in the EYFS.

Later in the month we will be looking at people who help us, like The Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance, Doctors, Dentist, the Vets etc and are doing crafts using the different textures and tools. This covers Exploring Media and Materials in the EYFS.

We will also have areas set up of the different people that help us, so we can see what they do and how they help us and act some of these things out through role play and small world play. This covers The World, People and Communities, Being Imaginative and speaking in the EYFS

At the end of the month we will be looking at Halloween, we will create lots of Halloween themed crafts including, pumpkins, spiders, bats etc using a range of mark making equipment. This covers Exploring Media and Materials and The World in the EYFS.

We will also have some messy play related to Halloween and get all slimy. This covers Exploring Media and Materials and The World in the EYFS.

Please can parents send photos in for their child’s family book, if you have not already done so, we can photocopy these or you can email them in if it is easier.

Just a reminder to check your child’s red artwork bag and empty it if needed, as we have been getting very creative lately. If you are unsure where to find this please ask a member of staff in the under 2’s room.

Lastly, I have decided to step down from Room Manager of under 2’s and will be moving into the Little’s room. Sennen will be taking over as Room Manager of the under 2’s, (she currently runs the Inspiration room for the older Under 2’s). Gemma Smith will be taking over running the Inspiration room. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to us. I have enjoyed nurturing and getting to know your children and know that Sennen and Gemma will be great running their respective rooms.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

This month in the Littles room our theme is autumn. We will be spending as much time as possible outside either in the garden or walking down to the woods which links to your children’s understanding of the world so please remember to bring warm waterproof coats and wellies. We will be setting up an autumn sensory tray with all the treasures that we gather on our walks.

We will be reading the Gruffalo with the children as lots of the animals that we see in the book we may find in the autumn and the children all seem to love the book which links in with the children’s development of Literacy in the EYFS. The children will also be using a range of media to decorate our very own Gruffalo.

The children all sit down for circle time in the morning and this month we will be talking about the different animals we might see during autumn and talking about the different things that the children like about autumn, this links to a lot of areas in the EYFS including Personal, social and emotional as well as Communication and language.

We will be exploring symmetrical leaves and also collecting leaves in the garden and talking about the different sizes that we find in the garden or on a walk which helps to develop your children’s Mathematical development.

There will be lots of autumn themed crafts which include handprint leaves, cotton bud trees, leaf fairies and much more.

As the month ends on Halloween we will be having a week of making age appropriate Halloween themed crafts and exploring different sensory tubs as well as decorating and carving pumpkins. We will all dress up on Halloween but don’t worry we will remind you closer to the time.

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Well what a busy term we have been having so far! The children have been doing an amazing job settling into our new pre-school routine and have been so motivated and interested in learning about themselves and others. Over the last few weeks we have looked at our homes, family, special things to us, how to look after and care for pets, and we have also had lots of fun looking at the changes autumn brings and learning about woodland animals. The children have particularly enjoyed learning the story of The Gruffalo and taking on the role of a character from the book to retell the story in small groups – well done Pre-school!

Half term will be focused on lots of lovely Halloween craft activities. We will have fun baking some spooky cakes, carving pumpkins, making slime, dressing up and creating lots of Halloween themed crafts.

Following this we will continue to learn about various celebrations and traditions from around the world, starting with bonfire night. This will enable the children to develop their knowledge and understanding surrounding firework safety and how to keep themselves and animals safe. The children will also explore a range of media and materials, experimenting with colour and how they can be changed – the children will become mini scientists exploring colour through lots of experiments and potion making! We will also continue to build upon making relationships and developing managing feelings and behaviours, through teamwork activities, such as working together to build a ‘bonfire’, focusing on listening to each other and the important skill of turn taking.

We have another fun filled busy month ahead, you are more than welcome to come in and see what we are getting up to. We would also love to see what the children have been doing outside of pre-school too, so feel free to add anything you like to Tapestry whenever you can.

Traffic Lights – The roadworks on Bickland Water road should be completed by 10th December, so no more traffic lights! In the meantime if you get stuck in the traffic and are late collecting your child, please do not worry; you will not be charged extra for this.

You can relax when you bring your child to Fit 'N' Fun Nurseries, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe, stimulated, nurtured, educated, supported and encouraged.

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