Newsletter January 2019

Newsletter January 2019

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Welcome back and Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

We are looking forward to a fun filled 2019 for your children and would just like to remind you of some key needs we require from yourselves to assist us with keeping your children safe:-

For safeguarding purposes could you please ring or email the nursery if your child is unwell or will not be in on that day as it is an Ofsted requirement that we record the children’s absence and reason.

I would like to remind parents about the 5 miles per hour speed limit driving in and out of the nursery car park keeping the children’s safety in mind.  I have also mentioned this to our neighbouring companies. Please also ensure that you reverse into the parking spaces for the safety of the children.

As the days are now getting colder please can you make sure that your child brings in a warm coat and hat (with their name in it), as we will still be venturing out into the garden and to the woods.

If by any miracle we get snow again this year, please keep an eye on our facebook page and website, as we will put updates on there for you regularly.

As always our office door is always open if you need to speak to us about anything.

New member to the team: We would like to welcome Robyn to our team,  she will be working in our Inspiration room part-time.

London Marathon 2019

Rachel’s husband Steve will be running the Marathon for us for the second time, raising monies for Children’s Hospice South West.  We will be holding a Golf Day in March at Falmouth Golf Club, an Auction and a Raffle. If you would like to support in any way with sponsorship, donation of auction or raffle gift, any of these would be gratefully received!!

Have a great January!!

Sennen and Gemma Sennen / Gemma, Under Twos Managers

Welcome back to all our children after the Christmas break.  We have lots of new babies starting in January and are looking forward to getting to know them.  Our theme for January is winter and we will be focussing on snow and different types of winter weather and arctic animals.  We will be using our tepee as an igloo. In our sensory area we will be exploring ice, shaving foam and different textures.

Reminder – can you bring in family photographs please, or email them to us if this is easier to

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

January in the Littles room is going to be cold as we start our winter theme.  We will look at the different animals that live in cold climates which helps the children to develop their understanding of the world. We will promote the children’s self-care and their personal, social and emotional development by encouraging the children to put on their own coats, hats and gloves for outside play and we will also talk about why we need to wrap up warm when we go outside.

We will also be making lots of different types of snow using a range of resources including flour, conditioner and corn flour. We will also be using sugar cubes to make our own igloos, as well as playing winter bingo and match up symmetrical snowflakes which helps develop your children’s mathematic skills. We will also take part in lots of creative activities which your children always enjoy including making snowmen, decorating penguins and also polar bears.

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Happy New Year and welcome back we hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

The first part of term will see us explore winter, due to all of the children talking about and sharing Christmas experiences and noticing the change in weather as it gets colder. The topic ‘winter’ may lead us to explore a range of themes, depending on where the children’s interests lead us. We will begin our journey exploring and finding out more about artic animals, this will enable the children to develop their understanding of the world, using the computer to look up information on Artic animals and use their imagination whilst engaging in small world play to develop and use a range of new vocabulary such as ‘artic’ and ‘igloo’.

Their ideas and interests may then lead on to us exploring a range of weather and seasons, enabling the children to become weather forecaster’s, find out about where rain comes from and the water cycle. Whilst also becoming scientists and taking part in experiments to determine what makes ice freeze, recording their findings in their own ways. Other themes we may cover over the next few weeks include – Winter Olympics, Frozen and fantasy / fairy tales, weather around the world and various cultural celebrations such as Australia day.

We have lots of lovely thing to explore and learn about, although as always this may change depending on the children’s interests and needs each week! Please feel free to add anything you like to Tapestry or pop in and see what we have been up to throughout the term.

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