Newsletter May 2019

Newsletter May 2019

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Thank you to all those who attended our Pre-School Parent Information Evening this week. Any parents who were unable to attend but would like some further information about your child’s final year in pre-school and/or transition to school, please discuss with myself of Sasha.

With the finer weather coming we would be grateful if you could apply sun cream to your children before coming to nursery. We will then be able to reapply the cream when necessary throughout the day when need.

Please provide a sun hat and labelled sun cream for your child each day to wear at nursery.

We have lots of unclaimed clothes at the nursery, we would be grateful if you could label your child’s clothes, coats and shoes so we can send them home on the day.

We are enjoying being outside with the children, and will be adding water to our mud kitchen so the children can make potions and use their imagination.  Please send children in clothes that you do not mind getting muddy.

Dates for your diary:

May half term: 27th to 31st May.

Preschool and Explorers Sports Day:
Venue: Falmouth Rugby Club
Date and time: Wednesday 3rd July 2019 @ 10am.

Last day of term for funded term time only children is Friday 26th of July.  We will be celebrating with our Preschool graduation followed by a BBQ for the whole nursery from 4pm.  Families from all rooms welcome.

Sennen Sennen, Under Twos Managers

This month our topic is Spring!  We have really enjoyed looking at lots of different Spring animals and flowers.  The next few weeks we will be reading the hungry caterpillar, developing our communication and language skills by searching for different fruits in the story and exploring them around the room.

We will also be exploring media and materials by making our own fruits out of papier mâché, coloured felt and paints.  As the weather is getting warmer please can you provide your child with a named hat, sun cream, shoes and spare clothes.  Please can you apply sun cream in the morning and we will top up throughout the day.

Abi Abi, Inspiration Room Manager

Inspiration Room children are going to be looking at all things to do with the seaside.  They will be exploring shells, textures and mark making with them. This covers exploring media and materials in the EYFS.   We will be enjoying lots of water play outside, filling and emptying different size jugs and pots, covering maths and physical play in the EYFS.

We will be looking at pictures of the beach and will hopefully take a trip down to one of our local beaches (weather permitting), this will help the children to understand the world around them and we will enjoy looking for shells and making sand castles with them.

We will try some Cornish foods with the children and will make our own Cornish pasties with them to try, which covers British Values in the EYFS.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

This month we are commencing with the theme the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as your children have shown an interest in the book at story time this links to your children’s development of Literacy. We will look at the life cycle of a butterfly with the children which will help the children develop their understanding of the world.

We will try some of the different fruits from the story and maybe some of the treats as well, this encourages the children to try new foods which links with the children’s health and self-care in the EYFS. We are going to learn about the days of the week and count the different fruits as we explore a different fruit each day this will help the children with their mathematical development.

Please remember to send your children into nursery with a coat because we never know how the weather may turn out and the children love to explore the garden in all weather.

Spare clothes; please remember to send in spare clothes for your children as they can sometimes get wet or dirty during activities, (please put their names in their clothes)

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

This month the children will explore beach safety and how to keep themselves and each other safe on the beach and in the sea. We will discuss the different flags on the beach, what these mean and the role of a lifeguard. The children have shown great interest in our sea side theme, we will explore what you can find under the sea, how to take care of our environment, look at transport and ‘travelling’ to other countries, developing their use of imagination and language skills, whilst incorporating a multi-cultural element. As some of the children have shown great interest in flags we will also go on to create our own treasure maps, pirate flags and hats, to take on our adventures too.

In addition to this we are also starting our beach school throughout May, enabling the children to put into practice all of the things they have learnt about safety. During these sessions we aim for the children to explore their natural surroundings in a meaningful way, we will set up beach challenges for them, such as collecting a certain number of shells, or building sandcastles in teams etc.  to develop their personal social and emotional development alongside their understanding of the world. We will also be continuing with our forest school sessions once a week too, providing lots of vital real-life learning experiences for our children to explore!

We have a very busy and exciting month ahead, as the weather is getting warmer please bring in some sun cream and a sun hat for your children.

Please remember to add to Tapestry when you can, it’s lovely to see what the children are up to and what achievements are being made outside of the setting!

Please could we also encourage the children to leave their toys at home or in their bags, as Explorers and Pre-School are very busy, so we cannot guarantee that special things brought in from home will not be lost or broken. Thank you!

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