Newsletter June 2019

Newsletter June 2019

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Welcome everyone to our June Newsletter!  With the finer weather coming (not including this week’s lovely rainfall!) we would be grateful if you could apply sun cream to your children before coming to nursery. We will then be able to reapply the cream when necessary throughout the day when needed.

Please can you also provide a sun hat and labelled sun cream for your child each day to wear at nursery.

Our neighbours at Tecker have asked us if we would remind parents not to use their premises as a drop off or turning point for health and safety reasons due to the area being in constant use.

Last day of term for funded term time only children is Friday 26th of July.  We will be celebrating with our Preschool graduation followed by a BBQ for the whole nursery from 4pm.  Families from all rooms welcome.

If your child is moving up to Explorers in September and receiving their funded hours, please ensure you complete a funding form with Vicky in the office.  If you wish to have additional hours then please request these as soon as possible to ensure you get the hours you need.

Also, please remember to check the Childcare Choices Website as we have noticed some of our parents are not taking advantage of the tax free childcare voucher scheme run by HMRC.  This enables parents not already part of an employer childcare voucher scheme to receive 20p in the £1 tax relief on their childcare fees.  For further information please do not hesitate to discuss with our Finance Manager Vicky.

Dates for your diary:

Preschool and Explorers Sports Day:
Venue: Falmouth Rugby Club
Date & Time: Wednesday 3rd July 2019 @ 10am.

Preschool graduation / BBQ: Friday 26th July @ 4pm

September 2nd start date for new stretched funded children.

September 9th start date for other funded children

Sennen Sennen, Under Twos Managers

This month in under 2’s we have a new theme all about Summer.  We started the month by exploring the ‘talking box’ with lots of summer props to use as conversation starters, such as a Cornish flag, an ice cream, a boat, suncream and pictures of local beaches.

We have been watching the children to see what they are most interested in and then we are developing their interests by exploring those things in different ways.

We are starting to explore suncream and all things sensory, which covers exploring media and materials in the EYFS.  We have been creating lots of art work recently, so please check your child’s red book bag to see if there is anything in there.  If you are unsure where they are please speak to a member of staff.

Also we are making family books for each child, so could you please email or bring in some photos of close family (if you haven’t already done this) for our books.

Please remember sun cream and sunhats with the warmer weather hopefully coming (named please).

Abi Abi, Inspiration Room Manager

This month we are going to be exploring and looking at animals under the sea.

There will be lots of sensory play such as exploring blue spaghetti, jelly, ice and shaving foam as well as creating our own creatures with paint and glue. This covers moving and handling using fine and gross motor skills as well as exploring media and materials in the EYFS.

We will be hiding the under the sea animals in the sensory play which covers shape, space and measure in the EYFS.

We will be looking at what animals we find under the sea by looking on the tablet at videos which is good for understanding the world in the EYFS.

We will be getting outside as much as possible and taking our messy play with us so could you please ensure your child always have a spare change of clothes, sun cream and a sun hat (all named please).

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

The theme this month in the Littles Room is Vehicles. We will be looking at the different vehicles that we might see around where we live. So we will be taking a walk up to the bus depot to have a look at the buses, also a walk around the industrial estate and talk about all the different vehicles we see.

We love to see what the children get up to at home and when on holiday so please upload to tapestry all the adventures that you get up to with your children.

Please remember to send in labelled sun cream and sunhats so that we can keep your children safe in the sunshine.

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

For the final half of the summer term, we will be looking at the topic ‘People who help us!’, The children will begin by looking at the role of the police and how they help us, not only in solving crimes, but also directing traffic and helping anyone who is lost etc. This will develop their knowledge of people and communities, in particular different occupations. The children will use their imaginations in our police station role play, look for patterns, similarities and differences between their finger prints and record and report incidents.

Following this we have a visit from the local fire station where the children will be able to explore the role of the fire station and the tools and equipment needed in order to safely deal with emergencies. The children will be challenged to create a fire station in our role play area and design and make our own fire engines, developing their physical development and shape, space and measures, through looking at the different sizes, shapes and materials needed.

We will go on to look at the role of a doctor, coastguard and finally the role of a teacher. This aims to lead nicely into supporting the transition to school, developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the role of a teacher, building upon their expectations of school. The children will also have a few visits from some of these professionals too, to further their knowledge of the different roles and responsibilities. As usual our planning may change slightly depending on where the children’s interests take us.

We hope your children are enjoying their transition sessions at their new schools as and when they attend these.

As the weather is getting hotter, please continue to send your children in with sun cream and hats, especially as we spend a lot of time outside. (please can you apply suncream in the morning and we will re-apply as required). Please keep on adding to Tapestry; it is great to see all of the lovely things your children are up to outside of the setting. 

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