Newsletter July 2019

Newsletter July 2019

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

With the finer weather coming we would be grateful if you could apply sun cream to your children before coming to nursery. We will then be able to reapply the cream when necessary throughout the day when need. Please provide a bottle of sun cream and sun hat for your child (named).

Mobile Phones: Due to safeguarding mobile phones are not allowed to be answered in the nursery. You are more than welcome to take calls in the office or outside the building.

Last day of term for funded term time only children is Friday 26th of July.  We will be celebrating with our Preschool graduation followed by a BBQ for the whole nursery from 4pm.  Families from all rooms welcome.

If your child is going to school and you need childcare for the first few weeks in September before they start school please let the office know as soon as possible.

Sennen Sennen, Under Twos Managers

Summer is here!  This month in the under two’s room we have started our new Summer topic.  We will be exploring our local beaches and community.  Our focus from the EYFS is exploring media and materials, so we will be making our own beach crafts including sandy rockpools, flipflops, boats etc.

Please can everyone apply sun cream to your child before they come to Nursery, and we can re-apply during the day as needed, along with a sun hat. (please name your sun cream and sun hat).  We can then have lots of fun outside in the garden.

Abi Abi, Inspiration Room Manager

Our focus this month is Summer!

As well as lots of outdoor play with sand and water, we will be making our own jam sandwiches and eating them at our teddy bears picnic in the woods.

We will also be engaging in some summer sensory play using utensils to pick up oranges and lemons in water, we will be investigating how they smell and how they feel. Other activities include making smooth, bubble painting and making jam tarts.

These activities link to Understanding the world, Physical development, Communication and Language in the Early Years Foundation stage.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

This month in the Littles room we are going to look at summer and our local community. We will start the month learning all about lifeboats and how they keep us safe in the sea.  This will then lead us into our theme of the local community and the beautiful beaches that we are surrounded by.

  • Walks to the woods
  • Trips to the beach
  • Make our own Ice cream
  • Mark making using ice cream cones
  • Sand painting

Please could parents apply sun cream to their children in the morning and send in sun cream so we can reapply while your children are at Nursery. Please send in hats and spare clothes. (all named please).

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Sports day was a fantastic start to July for the Explorers!  We were so proud of the children and their achievements – well done everyone.  The children had a visit from the Mayor of Falmouth and were very eager to try on his golden chains.

Explorers will be continuing to find out about Transport until the end of July and will be exploring construction vehicles and coastguards.  There will be a reading focus on traditional stories this month.

Beach School has begun and the children will all have the opportunity to visit a local beach and participate in planned activities.  Please ensure that your child has a labelled sun hat, water bottle and sun cream every day (please can you apply sun cream before you come into Nursery and we will re-apply as required).

We are looking forward to celebrating with the Pre-School children this month for their graduation ceremony.

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