Newsletter August 2019

Newsletter August 2019

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

It has been an emotional time in Nursery this month, with our Pre-School children graduating and moving on to School in September.  Having had a lot of the children since they were babies, we are all very attached to them, and so proud of what wonderful little people they have turned into.

It has been lovely to see the sun (on most days!) and we would be grateful if you could continue to apply sun cream to your child before bringing them into Nursery.

Please can you ensure you do not bring your child in earlier than their agreed start time, as this can affect our adult to child ratios.

If you have not already joined our Parent Facebook group, please do so as this is where we will share any photos of our children learning and having fun.

Finally, if you have any old books please do send these in.  We are stretching our ‘reading and discussion’ areas by having baskets of books that children can pick up and share with each other and ourselves, leading to further conversations.  Books can be for all ages and based on cookery, construction, art, gardening, sport etc – all welcome!

We look forward to welcoming back our term time children on the 9th September!

Many thanks!

Sennen Sennen, Under Twos Managers

Firstly this month we will be focusing on under the sea, we will be creating different sea creatures using a range of materials.  

We will also have a small world area with sea animals, boats, blue and green items and talk about the different things we see.   

Later in the month we will be looking at colours and shapes and doing crafts using the different colours and shapes.

All this covers the world, understanding and speaking in the EYFS.

We will also have a sensory tub with different coloured and shaped items like, bricks, cups, cars etc and talk about the colours and shapes we can see.

Please can parents send photos in for their child’s family book, if you have not already done so, we can photocopy these or you can email them in if it is easier.

Just a reminder to check your child’s red artwork bag and empty it if needed, as we have been getting very creative lately. If you are unsure where to find this please ask a member of staff in the under 2’s room.

Abi Abi, Inspiration Room Manager

This month in inspiration room we are looking at animals, the first part of the month we will be focusing on farm animals and then going on to look at zoo animals.

We will have flash cards of animals you find on a farm or a in a zoo to encourage speech and recognition. 

There will be a small world farm with animals to encourage the children to use their imagination and which covers the world and being imaginative in the EYFS.

We have lots of sensory play to put the animals in for example, jelli baff, coco pops, hay, gloop etc which covers exploring media and materials in the EYFS.

We are going to be looking at different animals using the tablet during circle time to encourage listening and attention and this covers the world in the EYFS.

We are hoping to get out as much as possible, taking a walk to Menehay Farm to see the horses and going to Dairy Land to see the farm animals and hopefully get a chance to pet them.

Claire Claire, Littles Manager and Deputy Manager

August in the Littles room is going to be ‘roarsome!’

Our theme is going to be Dinosaurs, which the children talk about a lot.

We will be getting the children to draw lots of pictures of what they think dinosaurs look like.  We will then be going on a dinosaur hunt into the woods, collecting resources to make our own mini dinosaur world in our tuff spot – this will help the children to understand the world and exploring media and materials

We will be getting the children to match dinosaurs and eggs shape which helps them understand space and measurements.

We are going to play lots of games with Dinosaur dice to practice moving around like dinosaurs, which will cover physical development and being imaginative.

We love seeing the observations that you upload to Tapestry and look forward to seeing lots over the summer of all the adventures you get up to with your children.

Please can you ensure that you keep supplies of nappies and wipes updated; we will remind you when they get low.

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Congratulations to all the Pre-School children who graduated this year.  We have loved being part of their journey and watching them grow and achieve the skills needed to move onto School.  We are so proud of all of them and will miss them.

The children have been talking about the Circus arriving in Falmouth, so we have decided to focus on looking at circuses and what they do, to follow the children’s interests.  We will be learning some Circus skills and doing lots of fun activities.

With the start of Falmouth week, we will also be looking at Carnivals and having our own Pre-School carnival parade around the Nursery.

We will be continuing on with Beach School, so please can you remember to apply sun cream to your child each morning and bring in a named sun hat.

Emma Emma, Explorers Room Manager

This month we are going to be roaring into learning!  The children are going to roar, stamp and chomp along to a dinosaur beat during our wake and shake, as we learn all about dinosaurs.  We will be exploring our Dinosaur swap tuff tray to create our very own Dinosaur fossils.  We will be developing our knowledge in our Dinosaur role play area and in our Dinosaur digging tray.  We are also going to create our very own volcano experiments.

Towards the end of the month we will be looking at another story called Elmer, where we will be concentrating on our colours and shape recognition.  We will be exploring what happens to colours when you mix them along with lots of elephant crafts and sorting activities.

Please can you remember to apply sun cream to your children whilst we are having sunny weather and bring in a sun hat for them.

We would appreciate it if children do not bring in toys from home, as they are easily lost or children get upset if other children want to play with them, thank you.

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