Newsletter July 2020

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Hello to all our parents!

We would like to welcome you all back to the nursery and thank you for all your support as we adapt to the new way of managing this period. The children have settled in brilliantly to the new routine and we love having the nursery full of chat and lots of laughter and learning again.

Things are a little different for our children this term as our Preschool children are getting ready to transition to mainstream school, we already have sessions in place in the nursery to support this process. Instead of our usual parent/teacher meeting we will be arranging telephone appointments to discuss your child’s development and any questions you may have to prepare your children for school in September. Telephone appointments can also be made for the younger children in the setting if you would like to discuss anything with your child’s keyworker about their development. Please feel free to email the office if you would like to arrange a meeting. These will take place the week of the 20/07/20.

Sasha our Early Years teacher is currently putting together a video to help you to assist your children in readiness to start school. Please also check out our brochures online for each room in the nursery which has lots of information to help support your children.

When guidance allows, we are hoping to arrange a celebration for the children who are leaving for school as we will not be able to hold our yearly graduation day, we will keep you updated on our plans.

Again, we would like to thank you for all your support and please pop into the office or email us if we can help you in any way. Your feedback is of the upmost importance to us.

Sennen Sennen, Under Twos Managers

Welcome back babies! We are so pleased to see all of your happy faces again!

This month whilst settling everyone back in we have been learning about the story ‘Rainbow Fish’. Our babies have been learning the Makaton sign for ‘Fish’, this helps with their communication and language by learning new words and learning how to communicate with others.

The babies have been displaying interest in how different objects and themselves move, this is known as a trajectory schema. To facilitate this interest in movement further, we have been creating some sensory bottles with the children, filling these with different colours and objects for the children to explore the movement and noises created when the bottles are moved in different ways. We have also made sensory bags, enabling the babies to use their fingers to move the fish inside of the bags.

As well as communication and language the babies have been extending their physical development whilst exploring our new garden. Our babies are loving the challenges of climbing on and off the furniture and decking and exploring their surroundings.

Please would you be able to bring in a bottle of sun cream and a hat for your child so we can enjoy the garden as much as possible. Thank you!

Sennen and team.

Kelly and Sarah Kelly & Sarah, Littles Room Managers

Firstly, we would like to say welcome back everyone! Its lovely to see you all back safe and well.

Last month we focused on settling all your lovely children back in to our Littles Room! Most of the children have settled in so well and it is nice for them to get back to get back to a bit of normality!

Hopefully you have seen on our website our beautifully refurbished garden area which now has a more practical and fully functional canopy which is fantastic when it rains and when its sunny. It provides a great source of shelter and encourages our children to explore our garden in all weathers, whilst also being a lovely space to relax and read a story with us.

The children have shown interest in our constantly changing weather throughout this month, we have discussed and explored the different weather conditions in small groups inside and outside. On a particularly windy day, the children were curious about the wind, watching the trees and leaves blowing and moving around, we followed through with this interest, challenging the children to make kites using a variety of materials. The children loved flying them in our garden, experimenting with how their movements and the changing wind effects how the kites fly. To further explore how the wind effects objects, the children made spirals for under our canopy area to spiral around. The children have also made lovely colourful sun catchers for our windows in our Littles Room which really brightens up the room!

Last month we also focused on colour recognition by providing activities that involved sorting our bears into colours, making patterns, sorting bricks into colours and hiding a range of items of one colour in our sensory tray full of shredded paper, using our magnifying glasses to find them. We also provide paint every day to mark make and create beautiful pictures as further choice for the children!

Lastly, I would just like to mention that we have a few water bottles left from before our break – if you feel you may be missing one please let us know and we can then return it. Also could we please ask that you provide suncream and hats with names on (if you haven’t done so already) for the sunny days we are enjoying and a coat and wellies on the days it’s raining as we still like to get out as much as we can.

If there is anything you would like to ask or need some reassurance on please do not hesitate to speak to any of us, we are happy to help, especially in these strange and uncertain times.

Many thanks!

Kelly, Sarah, Anj and Dani

Emma Emma, Explorers Room Manager

Welcome back everyone! This month Explorers have shared lots of books set at the seaside including ‘Sharing a Shell’, ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and ‘Treasure Island’.

The children have shown lots of interest in imaginative role-play so we have encouraged lots of role-play outside with props and resources to build imaginative pirate ships which led on to practising our mark making skills to create treasure maps.

Explorers have had plenty of opportunities to develop their numbers skills, recognising numerals and counting sets of objects.

As we are spending as much time as possible outside in garden areas, can I remind parents to send in a sun hat for your child, sun cream, wellies and a change of clothes please.

Emma and Emmie

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Explorers and Pre-School

A huge welcome back to all of our pre-school children and families, we are also looking forward to hopefully seeing those who are yet to return soon!

This month we have been super busy having lots of fun and learning. We began the month by exploring ‘under the sea’, with a focus on the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’, to build upon the children’s awareness of being kind, caring and the importance sharing with each other. This led to the children becoming interested in sea creatures, sharing their experiences of rock pooling and beach adventures. The children worked together in a team to develop their own rockpools, using their creations in their small world play to re-tell the story of ‘sharing a shell’. This then naturally created a discussion around beach safety and looking after our environment, developing an awareness of how to keep ourselves and sea creatures safe on the beach / in the sea. The children shared their ideas around recycling their rubbish and not leaving it on the beach, which led to an exploration around what different materials and packaging are made out of. Alongside this, the children began to discuss holidays, which developed a focus on journeys. We introduced a map of Falmouth, for the children to identify the different features and landmarks and to share their ideas about why they may need a map whilst going on a journey or holiday. The children then created their own maps, which ignited their imaginations to go on their own ‘journeys’ and adventures within the setting and garden. The combination of going on a journey and recycling materials then created an interest towards constructing boats out of junk modelling. The children created their own unique boat, with a focus on how to join the materials together and why they had chosen particular resources to use, to really think about this creative process and their intended end goal. Once the boats were complete, the children were keen to test them … so we made this a reality! The pre-school children went on a journey down to the woods in their bubbles, to test and race their boats down the stream. We all had so much fun – what a busy month! We have added weekly updates to our Facebook group, if you would like to see photographs the adventures we have had throughout June.

Preparation for school

Usually around this time of year we would invite you into the setting to discuss what we are doing to support and prepare your children for their transition to school and to share some activities and ideas that you can do with your children at home too. This is a very exciting next step in your child’s learning journey, although this can also be quite a worrying time for children and parents too, due to a new place and a new routine etc. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstance and importance of social distancing, we cannot offer a group meeting for you all. However, I am in the process of preparing a video to share with you all, to provide an insight into what we are currently doing within the setting to support your child’s transition to school, provide you with some activities and ideas you can do at home and hopefully address any uncertainties around this next exciting step within your child’s learning.

A big thank you!

Thank you for all of the returned questionnaire responses, your thoughts and ideas have been so valuable in contributing towards my Masters in Education, providing a great insight into parent’s perceptions around what quality early years care and education means to you. I am in the process of writing up this research project at the moment, but once it is finished, I will provide you with a summary about how we plan to use your ideas and suggestions within the setting, to build upon the ‘outstanding’ level of education and care we provide. Thank you!

Settling the children back into the setting

We have been amazed at how well all of the children have settled back into the setting and adapted to our new routines. The practitioners have spent lots of time ensuring that the children are feeling happy and confident to explore the setting. We have focused on different emotions and how to manage our feelings and behaviours through emotion cards, using puppets and reading books around this, to support the children with settling back in. The children have been developing their confidence and building upon their friendships through playing small group games to practice essential communication and turn taking skills.

Sasha, Pre-School Teacher/Deputy Manager

Thank you!!

I wanted to say a personal thank you to Lynn, Sennen and Amy who worked with me during lockdown to enable Fit N Fun Kids to continue to provide childcare during the pandemic, enabling our critical key workers to continue doing the amazing work they always do!

My team’s support was second to none, ensuring every child that joined us felt safe and secure whilst having the best time through play and learning! On top of the wonderful care they provided, they also came in extra to help us prepare the nursery for everyone’s return in June, including supporting over weekends and when offered a day off!

Recent times have been surreal to say the least! I do hope that you and your families have not been too affected by the pandemic and are recovering personally and economically and adapting to the new normal.

Thank you to you too for all your support, your constant flow of thank you cards, emails, chocolates and flowers! We really felt this was partnership working at its best and it is so apparent how effective it has been in preparing and supporting the children back to nursery, the children’s laughter says it all!

Thank you for adapting so well to the new changes, in particular the drop offs and collections!

Finally, welcome to our new children.. we have had so many join us over the last four weeks… we hope you have settled in well and are excited for your new journey with us.

As always, we are always accessible, please do call, email, message or pop to the office to speak to us if we can do anything further to support you!


You can relax when you bring your child to Fit 'N' Fun Nurseries, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe, stimulated, nurtured, educated, supported and encouraged.

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