Newsletter August 2020

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Hello to all our parents!

I would like to start by wishing all our term time Preschool children the very best of luck in their new school and I hope they have a lovely Summer before their next big chapter starts. We will miss them very much.

We have recently purchased a new nursery software package and next month we will be launching a new app called ‘FAMLY’, this will hopefully make life a little easier for us all and will cover financial management, administration and communication with both ourselves and our parents having access to all such information (in relation to their own child). Furthermore, it will allow you to view everything about your child and update your child’s profile. This will mean our normal Tapestry facility for tracking your child’s development will move over to FAMLY also.

Over the next few days, you will all receive an email from FAMLY – this has been sent from ourselves and it will invite you to sign up for FAMLY and download the App. Once you have done this, if you can complete your child’s profile and upload their photo as soon as possible this would be of great help to ourselves in getting the system up and running.

Any questions on this please do not hesitate to ask.

As of September, we will be welcoming our new Chef to the Nursery! Therefore, please can you inform us if you would like you child to start having lunch/tea with ourselves?

Parents please be aware we are unable to let the children eat any foods containing nuts, this includes pesto pasta (unless it is homemade and nut free) and Nutella chocolate spread. Thank you for your understanding.

Social Media – parents please do not forget, we use Facebook also to share what fun the children are having with us during the week and share any images to our ‘private/closed group’. If you have not requested to be part of this group please do!

Finally, those children with us with stretched funding and going to School in September, your child’s funding ends August 31st. If you are requiring extra (paid) sessions prior to your child starting school between end of funding and commencement of school please let us know as soon as possible and we will look at availability.

Lynn, Day Care Manager

More from our team…

Sennen Sennen, Under Two’s

This month our babies have been exploring colour. We have used our big coloured shapes from our soft play room to build whilst using the ball pool to learn some new colours. A few of our babies are now able to use the Makaton sign for ‘red’ and have also learned the sign for ‘dancing’. The babies love to point out the coloured balls when singing the rainbow song in the ball pool!

You may have received some artwork from your child this month, however, there has been some further great pieces of artwork created which we have put on display within the rooms. We have created rainbows in the clouds and used cars to paint tracks using large pieces of paper on the floor.

We explored the different colours of our stacking boats and then read our ‘Summer’ book where with the babies we found other coloured boats!

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to focus on Summer and also be making family books. These books are great in supporting communication and language development. We would be really grateful if you would provide us with photos of your baby and those who are close to them such as family members, friends and pets! You can either email these to us at , or print them out and send them in.

A little reminder for sun cream and hats to be sent in please. Many thanks!

Kelly and Sarah Kelly & Sarah, Littles Room Managers

This month we had lovely weather so it inspired our children to talk about the weather and the lovely places they have recently visited with their families. This then led onto ‘at the sea’ activities where we made a role play beach area to make sandcastles, go for a swim or just have a rest on the beach, whilst promoting beach safety by wearing sun cream and hats! We also made an ice-cream parlour where we made and sold different favoured ice-creams… this proved to be a very popular activity and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

A couple of our children visited the zoo during the lovely weather so we explored some zoo and jungle animals from around the world. We made a jungle area in the garden to hunt for jungle animals in the leaves and twigs and we used binoculars to explore! This then led onto exploring animals in our country that we see in the countryside. We explored farm animals in straw and shredded paper and sang our favourite ‘old mac Donald had a farm’ song. As you can see we have been very busy! Have you seen our images on our Facebook closed group? If not take a look, it was fantasic!

Can we just remind parents to send in a coat when raining and sun hats and cream for the summer days please, thank you!

Many thanks,

Kelly, Sarah, Anj and Dani

Emma Emma, Explorers Room Manager

Over the last few weeks learning and activities in the Explorers room have been planned using the popular stories ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and ‘The Hungry Cat-erpillar’ which many children knew well already. Both stories enable the children to work on their listening and recall skills and then progress onto sequencing the main events of the story.

The children enjoyed outside activities including natural collages of snails and hunting for caterpillars and butterflies. They have become masters of finding 2d shapes in their natural environment and developed their fine motor skills whilst practicing cutting circles with scissors.

As the weather has been fairly good we are trying to spend more time outside so please ensure your child have a sun hat with their name clearly labelled. We will inform you if sun cream is running low.

Many thanks.

Emma and Emmie

Sasha Sasha, Early Years Teacher – Explorers and Pre-School

During the course of the last few weeks we have been very busy preparing our Preschool children to be ready for school.

We held our sports days where the children took part in the different races including egg and spoon, running races and also completed an obstacle course.

The children received certificates and wore medals which they created themselves using their own ideas and materials.

The children also enjoyed ‘party week’ were they took part on traditional party games and celebrated moving on to ‘big’ school with their friends!

Do please take a look at tapestry and our Facebook page to see some of our photos from our sports days.

On a personal note, we would like to thank everyone for the lovely gifts and thoughtful cards.

We are going to miss all the children and would like to wish them the very best of luck for their new adventure at school.

All those children who were unable to return to us for the final part of the Summer term will receive their Graduation Certificate in the post!

Sasha, Pre-School Teacher/Deputy Manager, Charlene and team!

Preparation for school

Usually around this time of year we would invite you into the setting to discuss what we are doing to support and prepare your children for their transition to school and to share some activities and ideas that you can do with your children at home too. This is a very exciting next step in your child’s learning journey, although this can also be quite a worrying time for children and parents too, due to a new place and a new routine etc. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstance and importance of social distancing, we cannot offer a group meeting for you all.

Sasha has prepared a video to share with you all, to provide an insight into what we are currently doing within the setting to support your child’s transition to school, provide you with some activities and ideas you can do at home and hopefully address any uncertainties around this next exciting step within your child’s learning.

If you have not already watched this, this can be found on our website here.

You can relax when you bring your child to Fit 'N' Fun Nurseries, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe, stimulated, nurtured, educated, supported and encouraged.

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