Newsletter September 2020

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Hello to all our parents!

We would like to start be wishing all our Class of 2020 the very best of luck in their new schools, we will miss you all very much! Please do send us photos of you all in your new school uniforms!!

We would like to welcome our new Chef, Tina to our team! She has already made such a hit with her cooking, the children are loving her snacks and meals! If you have not already booked your children in for lunch and/or teas please do let us know.

Due to catering based on numbers, we do often slightly over cater just in case someone forgets their lunch but to ensure we have enough, we would ask that all lunches are booked in advance, thank you.

We would also like to welcome Amy Bramble to our Under 2’s team. Amy joined us over the Summer and has settled in really well. Amy holds a Degree in Fine Art and is currently training to become a Level 3 Practitioner. Amy has worked in early years since July 2019 and very much enjoys this sector, in particular, supporting young children to be creative, experiencing many forms of art and am looking forward to progressing her knowledge through further training and experience.

If you wish to find out more about our team, please take a look at our ‘Meet the Team’ page of our website


Our Covid-19 guidelines are still in place. If you have any feedback please let us know.

As we move in to Autumn/Winter, we are of course expecting the normal coughs and colds. We appreciate that this will impact parents in that we must continue to follow the government guidelines and send home any children who show any of the Covid symptoms, this does I am afraid include a temperature.

We are advised that, although it may be that your child is teething, has a cold or other virus, we must still ask that you either do not send your child in to the setting, collect from us if they become unwell and call 111 for advice on accessing a Covid test.

Please also do not send your child in to the setting if you have administered Calpol as this temporarily masks symptoms.

We appreciate your support with this.

Famly App

Our Famly app is now live! If you have not done so, please download the free app and fill in your child’s details. This App will really support our communication channels and give you greater access to managing your child’s information whilst with us. Furthermore, we will be moving from Tapestry as our form of monitoring and recording your child’s development to FAMLY so everything you need is in one place.

Invoices – these should now arrive via your emails but again, will be shown as an email from Famly. You should be able to see this information via your App.

Please note when receiving emails from us when sent via Famly, the spelling of Famly is as printed here (not FAMILY).

As always, constructive feedback is very important to us so please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help further in any way!


Thank you to all those parents that completed questionnaires to support Sasha with her MA Education research, your responses have been invaluable in exploring interpretations of quality early childhood education and care and your ideas and thoughts have been built into our practice to continue to build upon the quality service we offer to our families. The key findings from this research are attached to this newsletter. Thanks again for your participation.

Rachel, Lynn and office team!

Sennen Sennen, Under Two’s

We had a great month in August, all the babies enjoyed the Summer activities using sand/water (individually) and a variety of colours.

This month we are going to be exploring all things Autumn! We will commence with a trip to the woods to collect autumnal objects such as leaves and pine cones.  We will be exploring media and material and extending our communication and language by using pointing and gestures to communicate.

Many of our babies are enjoying listening to The Gruffalo, so we are going to be extending this and doing some ‘deep dark wood’ activities.  Keep an eye out on Tapestry or our Private Parent Facebook group for the photos!

As a reminder, please can you send in coats and shoes for the children to play outside in all weathers.

Many thanks, Sennen and team!

Kelly and Sarah Kelly & Sarah, Littles Room Managers

At the start of August our theme was ‘things that fly’, so of course we had to make paper aeroplanes!  We made a role play airport where we flew to lots of different places of the children’s choices.  We made our very own passports to fly on an aeroplane and talked about the places some of the children have visited by plane.  This also led onto places the children had camped so of course we shared some great camping experiences!

This theme then led on to all different types of transport, so we made a bus outside and drove to lots of different places.. mainly Diggerland!  We sang some of our favourite transport songs and did lots on painting and printing of cars and fire engines.

One of our children had a strong interest in dinosaurs so we decided to focus on dinosaurs for two weeks where we moved around the soft play room like dinosaurs and roared to dinosaur songs!  We decorated dinosaur templates in lots of different ways and sorted and counted our rubber dinosaurs.  We learnt about different varieties of dinosaurs and talked about eh differences between them.

This is very much just a snipped of some of the activities we did in Littles Room last month.. we just had so much fun!

Kelly and team!

Emma Emma, Explorers Room Manager

The Explorers have had a very busy month, learning all about many different dinosaurs!  Fun including making salt-dough fossils and creating their very own dinosaurs using a variety of media!  The children used their own ideas to help rescue the dinosaurs that were stuck in the ice!  All activities involved lots of sorting and counting whilst also providing the opportunity of adding new words to their vocabulary such as herbivore, carnivore and fossils.

Learning then focused on volcanoes after one of our children mentioned that they had seen volcanoes on the television when watching a film about dinosaurs at home.  From this the children then created their own volcanoes, adding people, dinosaurs and cars to the scene.  Of course, we had to have the volcano erupting using simple science experiments which the children loved and we had to repeat several times to show their friends!

Emma and team!

Charlene Charlene, Early Years Teacher – Pre-School

Throughout August our Pre-school children have been learning about the weather!  Some of the children shared that they had seen ‘someone showing the weather’ on the TV, so we looked up a weather forecast on the computer for us all to see, before having a go at becoming weather forecasters ourselves! In preparation to perform their new role as weather forecasters, the children created their own props and maps, using a range of materials. We had lots of sunshine, rain, snow and a few thunderstorms forecasted in pre-school!

Discussing and exploring the different types of weather, led to the children sharing their experiences of adventures and holidays they had been on. One of our children was inspired to bring in a book about Australia from home to share with us. The children became very interested in this, leading to them looking at and creating their own Australian art, music and exploring Australian culture.

Pre-school have also been celebrating their time in Pre-school, as some of them prepared for their transition to school!  We held a mini-graduation within the pre-school room (unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we couldn’t hold our usual style of celebration, but the children still had a super time!). The children proudly received their certificates and those who were unable to return had theirs posted out to them.  We talked about our Pre-school memories and what the children are looking forward to as they begin their transition to school.

We would like to thank all our parents for the amount of lovely gifts we have received and we of course wish our wonderful children the best of luck in starting school!

Charlene and team!

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