Newsletter October 2020

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Welcome to our October newsletter… where is the time going!?

We hope you are finding our new FAMLY App useful!  You should find the App has extended communication all round from informing ourselves of anything in general, finding out more about your child’s day in regards to naps, snacks, meals, learning and development.  Each Friday we upload the menu for the coming week which many parents have said they find really helpful.  We also log all your sessions here so you are able to monitor your bookings, invoices etc.  Any problems with accessing the App, please do let us know.

With the colder weather coming in, we would be grateful if you could send in some wellington boots and all in ones (for our younger children) to wear during outdoor play. Please remember to label everything making it easier to return items at the end of the day.

Dates for your diary:

Our virtual parents evening through FAMLY is taken place on the 10th and the 12th of November. Please contact the office if you would like to make an appointment to speak to your keyperson or teacher.

Half term 26th to the 30th of October for those children who are term time only.

On Friday 30th October, we will be enjoying a Halloween Themed Day focusing on the enjoying of creative themed activities only alongside our normal nursery day and children are welcome to attend in fancy dress.  We appreciate some families do not celebrate Halloween and although we do not normally allow swapping of sessions, for this date we would accommodate a swap if you are not wishing for your child to participate.


Sennen Sennen, Under Two’s

Hello from Under twos! We have had a great few weeks exploring and using all the children’s senses to fit in with our Autumn theme.

We used our hands and spoons to make our own scented playdough (individual use to maintain safe Covid practice). We used Autumn scents such as orange and cinnamon, we used scent bags as well to experience new smells. The babies than explored Autumn textures such as pine cones, leaves and grass. In the garden we listened out for the different sounds we could hear also exploring the crunchy leaves.

This links to many areas in the EYFS, for example, ‘understanding the world’ and ‘exploring media and materials’ as they were experimenting using their whole bodies.

When in the garden we heard a lot of diggers on the road, so for October we are going to look at construction and explore diggers and blocks.

Just a reminder now the weather is getting wet and windy, please can you provide wet weather suits and wellies for outdoor play.

Finally, Belinda is now leading in our Inspiration Room, supporting the older of our Under Two children as our numbers are grow.

Sennen, Belinda and Team

Kelly and Sarah Kelly & Sarah, Littles Room

At the beginning of September one of our children showed an interest in castles, so we based own theme on “Castles and Dragons”. We made a castle outside and the children took on roles such as king, queen, prince and princesses as well as a dragon and knight. Some of our children really got involved in protecting the castle from the fire breathing dragon! We also talked about Pendennis Castle in Falmouth and the fact that we could visit or just walk around the moat  If it had not been for the Covid restrictions, we would have visited!  We learned new language such as ‘drawbridge’ and ‘turrets’!

The children also had fun designing their very own crowns!

We talked about castles and who lives in the castles and compared castles to our very own houses so this led onto our next theme of “Our homes”.  We built houses out of different construction such as wooden bricks and duplo. We also explored different homes from around the world such as igloos and the children used white bricks to build their very own igloos. We really enjoyed exploring the story “The Three Little Pigs” where we also tried to build houses from straw, sticks and bricks.  We discussed strengths and weaknesses of these materials and which would not get blown down by the big bad wolf!

The children also talked about who lives in their houses from “Our homes” theme so we based our next theme on “all about me”. The children drew pictures of everyone that lives in their houses, they painted self-portraits by looking in the mirror and looking carefully at their features and we also talked about the differences between each other for example, eye colour, hair colour, height etc.  We also provided a sensory tray to explore different smells and feeling of different materials!

We talked about the pets that live in our homes so this led onto our final theme of September of “Pets”.  We talked about what pets we have, looking at the differences between the cats and dogs the children have. We went on a bone hunt inside and outside in the garden, the children counted to 10 with their eyes closed and then  pretended to be dogs and had to find the hidden bones,  they loved this activity!  We then when on to enjoy paw printing pictures and collaged cats. We were lucky to have members of staff with a tortoise and bearded dragon who brought them in to show us, the children were really fascinated by the creatures.

As you can see we have had a busy month in Littles! On a last note could I please ask that shoes, coats, water bottles and wellies are all be labelled with the children’s names on.  Also please provide a spare set of clothes for your child for emergencies.

Many thanks

Kelly, Sarah, Anj and Danni

Emma Emma, Explorers Room

We began last month with our ‘all about me’ topic, encouraging the children to share their interests, facts about themselves and experiences. The children enjoyed discussing who they live with and their different family members sharing photographs with each other. We then extended this interest to explore families and homes around the world, celebrating different cultures and ways of life. Looking at the structure of homes linked into the traditional tale of the three little pigs. The children enjoyed the challenge of creating houses out of sticks, bricks and straw, to see which was the strongest material. They also took interest in joining in with retelling the story.

Following this the children compared similarities and differences between themselves, closely observing eye colour, hair colour and facial features. This led to us singing head, shoulders, knees and toes. We sang this in different voices and different speeds, before adding musical instruments to explore rhythm further. The children experimented with moving rhythmically before exploring our nursery rhyme sack.

As all of the leaves have begun falling off the trees and the weather has got colder, the children naturally began talking about and exploring autumn. We looked at the different coloured leaves and patterns we could see.

To tune into the children’s interests and create a motivating and enthusiastic environment, we promote a free-flow learning space, enabling the children to move freely between the indoors and outdoors, this has created lots of interest I the mud kitchen, where the children have been identifying and collecting signs of autumn, creating lots of autumn ‘soups’ and ‘potions’. This has developed awareness of different textures and encouraged the children to use their imaginations and work together to produce their autumn surprises!

We look forward to seeing where the children’s interest lead us to next month…

Emma and Emmie

Charlene Charlene – Pre-School

Last month pre-school began by talking about their different pets and how they need looking after, enabling them to think about the similarities and differences surrounding what different pets need. This led to a discussion around alternative pets and a visit from our staff member’s bearded dragon and tortoises. Following this the children then noticed that we have a regular squirrel that visits the garden area, this created an interest in autumn animals, leading to the children designing and creating shelters for the animals. One of the children mentioned that they had seen the Gruffalo in the woods, so we explored the story of the Gruffalo, with lots of book talk and descriptive words. The children considered how each of the characters felt throughout the story, creating their own story maps to retell the beginning, middle and end, whilst also experimenting with creating their own endings and extensions to the Gruffalo – “what do you think happened next?!”  The children thought about the journey the mouse goes on through the woods and compared this to their journeys to pre-school, leading to a discussion around how they travel e.g. by bus, car or walking etc. The children then worked together to create a road around the pre-school room using a range or resources e.g. large bricks, small bricks, lego, the car track. Once this was complete the children used the cars and small world people to recreate their journeys. They used their problem-solving skills and perseverance, working out ways to fix their track each time it broke, arranging the bricks in different ways.

We look forward to continuing to following the children’s interest in transport and journeys to see where we may end up next week!

As the weather is getting colder could the children please bring in their coats and wellies and if clothing could be labelled that would be really helpful, thank you.

Sasha, Charlene and team.

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