Newsletter November 2020

Lynn Lynn, Day Care Manager

Hello and welcome to our November Newsletter!

As we move in to another lockdown, we wanted to reassure you that the lockdown will not affect our delivery of childcare and education as the government’s guidance for early years is business as usual.

Thank you to all our parents who completed our survey, the results and our responses of which are now on FAMLY and also on our website.

We are delighted to share that we have again been shortlisted for two national awards at the Nursery World Awards 2020, Pre-school of the Year and The Community Support Award. The Awards Evening this time will be held virtually in February 2021, fingers crossed!

We welcome back Abi Jones from maternity leave this month! Some of you may remember Abi as Room Leader prior to her maternity leave in January of this year. Abi will be returning as a Senior Nursery Nurse within our Under Two’s.

We sadly will be saying goodbye to Sennen who has a great opportunity ahead of her working for the NHS in respite, supporting families. This is a fantastic position and we wish her all the best for the future. As a great friend of the nursery, we are sure we will continue to keep in touch and see plenty of Sennen which will be lovely!

Dates for your diary:

Parents evening – Tuesday 10 th and Thursday 12 th November. All parents who have booked in will receive a virtual call through FAMLY at their designated time. If for any reason there are issues with connectivity, we will call you and discuss over the telephone.

We will be supporting Children in Need this Friday 13th December. The children are welcome to wear their pyjamas or some spots for the occasion. A small donation for this cause would be greatly appreciated.

Christmas: We will be closing for the Christmas break on Wednesday 23 rd December at 6pm. We will reopen on Monday 4 th January at 7.30am. Term time only children will finish nursery on Friday 18 th December.

We wish you all a good November!


Sennen Sennen, Under Two’s

During October in Under Twos room our theme has been ‘Autumn’. We have therefore been exploring the trees, leaves and autumnal animals. We have really enjoyed focusing on different autumnal scents, (Cinnamon, Orange and Clove). We have explored the scents in different ways such as tasting, feeling and smelling.

We have a few children who appear to enjoy activities that link to the Transporting Schema, so we have been extending this schema by adding activities to support this such as, using wicker basket to carry autumnal scarves, bikes in the garden to collect materials and using trucks to transport leaves and pinecones.

Can I just remind parents to bring in suitable clothing for outside and spare clothes in case we get wet and muddy.

The Under Twos have noticed the change in darkness outside in the evenings and have enjoyed watching the lights in the soft play room as the cars go past. So this month we will be exploring ‘Light and Dark’. We will start by using black and white paint to see the difference in colour and then we will be reading black and white books, extending the Babies communication and language by pointing and repeating words. We will then explore activities linked to the moon such as ‘shiny play’ where we will include anything that shows a reflection or makes a noise. Make sure you keep an eye out on Famly and our private Facebook Group to see our ‘moon snack’ we are going to be making!

This month we are very excited to welcome Abi back to the team. Abi has had a few months off maternity after having her beautiful baby Isla. Abi has been at Fit n Fun for a while now and is so excited to be returning and meeting our new little ones!

Sennen, Belinda and Team

Kelly and Sarah Kelly & Sarah, Littles Room

During the last week of September, we started talking about the pets that we have at home, which smoothly led us into October talking about ‘animals and their babies’ as one of our children was getting a new puppy! We therefore explored not just animal babies in the UK but also from all around the world. We went in the soft play room and enjoyed a lot of music and movement, mimicking kittens, puppies, calves and tiger cubs etc. We looked at our map to see which countries some of these animals come from. We made a matching game where we had to match up the animal with their baby and also enjoyed animal puzzles. We made paw printing pictures and talked about who these paws could belong to?

During this week, whilst outside, the children noticed a lot of leaves had fallen off the tree, the children really enjoyed collecting them in their wheelbarrow which led us onto our next them of “Autumn”.

Autumn has been a lovely theme to explore as it encouraged the children to talk about some of the walks they had been on with their families and so could relate to this really well. Some of the activities we enjoyed were leaf printing with paint, exploring our sensory tray full of different shaped and sized leaves using our magnifying glasses which encouraged lots of new language. We made some pictures using different types of leaves to stick onto paper and also practised our scissor skills by cutting leaves to stick on also.

The children then started talking about the creatures they noticed out on our fence and in their gardens at home, so this led onto extending autumn and autumnal creatures. One of our children also visited an Owl Sanctuary so he talked a little about his experience and so we decided to make our owls using toilet rolls, this was great fun!

We made handprint hedgehogs and hedgehogs made of spikey leaves for our autumn wall display. We did some lovely music and movement pretending to be creatures in the woods and stretching like trees that were blowing in the wind. In our garden we also played “hunt the acorns” game where the children pretended to be squirrels, they would count to 10 and hunt the acorns hidden around the garden, this was a very popular game!

One of our children came in with a pumpkin on his t-shirt which led into our final theme of the month ‘Halloween’. We explored different sized pumpkins in our sensory tray, recognising the difference of big and small, encouraging the children totalk about where they may have seen pumpkins with their families. The children explored pumpkin printing using halves of apples to print with. The children decorated pumpkin templates by using paper to collage with. The children also calved a pumpkin and talked about how it looked inside and how it smelled!! The children also counted the seeds that came from the pumpkin. The children finally used a laminated pumpkin to make faces with, happy, sad, angry etc.. this encouraged us to copy these faces!

As you can see, we had a very busy month!

Please feel free to add pictures onto FAMLY of all the different activities you do at home as its nice for the children to talk to us about their experiences and then help us plan our activities around our children’s interests.

Many thanks!

Kelly, Sarah, Anj and Danni

Emma Emma, Explorers Room

This month our Explorers have been looking at the changes in our environment as we enter the Autumn season. The children used a variety of one-handed tools to explore and move the natural objects that the Practitioners were able to collect, and the different leaves that the children collected whilst in the garden. We talked about the different texture and shapes before sorting them into a variety of groups which also gave the children a good opportunity to do lots of counting as well as creating different marks.

We discussed and looked at different autumn animals and created several homes using a variety of construction materials inside and outside the nursery. This led to the children asking.. “what do they eat”?

After exploring this, the children made several pots of imaginary food whilst in the mud kitchen and left these in several places around the mud garden, hoping that the wild animals and birds might eat the creations that they had made! We covered a few books this month including the ‘Owl Babies’ where the children talked about their feelings and created several owls using a variety of media. We then moved on to the ‘Gruffalo’, one of the children’s favourites, where the children created their own accessories to act out the story with their friends. We introduced ‘The Room on the Broom’ during half term, where some of the children were keen to talk about what they are going to wear for Halloween. This led us to make some accessories including witchy hats and wands. Finally, the children were challenged to collect bugs in-between the spider web. Along with other ‘Room on the Broom’ activities, such as decorating pumpkins and making some potions and chanting spells of their own!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Please one reminder this month, please remember to bring coats and wellies for your children so they can enjoy their time outside without feeling the cold!

Many thanks, Emma, Emmie and team.

Charlene Charlene – Pre-School

This month pre-school have taken us on a journey! The children have shown great interest in transport and movement, this led them to design and create different car tracks for the vehicles using a range of resources. The children used their problem-solving skills to work as a team to build a track all the way around our pre-school room, stopping to evaluate, change and discuss their technique and design throughout. The impressive track consisted of small wooden bricks, large rainbow bricks, car track, train track, and Lego. Once successfully constructed they began to experiment using different vehicles along the track in their small world play, before practicing their balancing skills walking along the track to test it out themselves! This led to the children drawing a chalk road outside, taking on the role of vehicles, experimenting with moving in different ways e.g jumping across the bumpy road, running, walking, and tip toeing along the road, remembering to stop when they reached a red light or zebra crossing. They also enjoyed the challenge of directing each other along the track! This activity linked to road safety, enabling us to discuss the importance of this topic. The children explored the various patterns and different sized tracks left by vehicles when rolled through paint and also looked at categorising vehicles according to shape, colour and size.

Following this pre-school used their designing skills to further construct a pirate ship out of the large brick, taking on the role of pirates and searching for treasures! They created treasure maps and made props such as telescopes to enhance their role play.

The pirate theme then naturally led to the topic of Halloween, where we explored some spooky activities, such as making witches hats and magic wands, and also creating their own bats and pumpkin crafts, before ending the month sporting their favourite spooky outfits!

We look forward entering a new month continuing the celebration and events theme; exploring a range of multi-cultural celebrations such as Diwali and the importance of events such as Remembrance Day.

Sasha, Charlene and team.

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