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Newsletter December 2020

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Hello and welcome to our last Newsletter of 2020!

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

What a year it has been and certainly a year no one expected!  A big thank you has to go out to our families that have worked with us through changing times, together with a big thank you to our team who came in through the first lockdown when many nurseries closed, supporting us to be here for the key workers and vulnerable families.  And of course, to our full team, all of whom have adapted so happily, ensuring that your children felt safe, secure and happy to come to nursery. 

This month we will enjoy two Christmas performances by our Explorers and Pre-School children on Tuesday 15th December and Thursday 17th December at 10am.  Most of our children are in on these days, however, if your child is not booked in for either, you can bring them in for 10am for an hour free of charge so they can participate or if easier you can book them in for an extra session.  If your child is participating on one of the days, we will not be able to accommodate on the alternative day unless this is their normal session.

We are sorry parents and grandparents will not be able to attend this year due to the pandemic but we will video the performances and post them on to FAMLY for your to view. We are in the process of obtaining consent from each of our parents prior to sharing this on FAMLY.  This will not be shared on any social media platforms and we request that you also do not share the same on social media please. 

The children will be enjoying Christmas Dinner with us on Tuesday 15th December.  If your child does not normally have our lunches but you would like them to have our Christmas Dinner please let us know via FAMLY, email or in person.

You are welcome to book your child in extra for the morning session or full day of x so that they can join us for Christmas Dinner subject to spaces available.  However, please do not worry if you are unable to join us on this date, all children will have the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas festivities throughout December. 

We will be enjoying Christmas Jumper Day and supporting Save the Children on Friday 11th December.  If possible, please send your child in wearing a Christmas Jumper and with a £2 donation to the charity, thank you.

Can we remind parents that if your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017, you will need to apply for a place in a reception class in September 2021 for your child no later than 15th January 2021.

Finally, thank you for your kind donations on our Children In Need Day! Approximately £60 was raised on this day which was fantastic!

Dates for Diaries:

  • Christmas Jumper Day: 11th December
  • Pre-School & Explorers Christmas Performance:  15th and 17th December
  • Last day for funded children: 18th December
  • Fit N Fun Kids Childrens Christmas Lunch: x
  • Last day of opening: 23rd December 2020
  • First day back in the New Year:  4th January 2021
  • Deadline for Reception Class registration for children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017: 15th January 2021

We wish all our families a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Rachel, Lynn and the Fit N Fun Kids Team!


Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader

Hello to all of our parents and carers! My name is Belinda and I just want to introduce myself as one of the new Room Leaders in Under Two’s. I have thoroughly enjoyed my month with the children and also enjoyed meeting many of you at drop off and collection time.

I am delighted to welcome Abi back from maternity leave.  Abi will be a Senior Practitioner in our Baby Room. 

Our younger babies have enjoyed the topic of ‘Light and Dark’ over the past few weeks. They have made lots of artwork with contrasting black and white paints. They have looked at black and white illustrations and prints, playing peekaboo with light and dark scarves, explored the reflective trays of metal objects and spent time in our sensory room to see the light tubes, bubble machine, projector and disco light. The children have been fascinated by the darker afternoons in the garden.

The older babies in the Inspiration Room have enjoyed the ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ topic over the past couple of weeks. Many of the children in this room were very captivated by this book which led us to develop it into a broader topic. We have been reading the book as a group and encouraging the children to join in with the repeated verses in the story. The children have been shouting out with excitement about the bear! We have created artworks to encourage the sensory experience of long grass, squelchy mud and splashy water. We have been engaged in role play in the garden where children are tip toeing over to a cave and finding the bear. We have noticed that the children have recalled much of the story in their role play.

The children are enjoying some of the colder but dry weather we have had. We do get outside everyday so I thank you for sending in coats, wellies and waterproofs.

We are now starting to look at Christmas in both our Under Two’s rooms and we hope you like some of the creations that your little ones will be bringing home soon.

Belinda and the team!


Littles Room

Kelly, Room Leader

During November we explored the world of construction, where we have been building with bricks, cardboard boxes and lego. The children have been building big towers and then measuring them with our tape measures to see how tall they were. We have been using tools and polystyrene blocks to hammer golf tees in to. The children enjoyed sawing the blocks up too!

During November we had three celebrations to explore. We commemorated Remembrance Day by making poppies to stick on our windows and to take home.  We made a posting poppy game which encouraged fine motor skills and counting skills, we also did a poppy hunt out in the garden where the children closed their eyes and counted to 10 and then would hunt for the poppies.

Next, we celebrated Diwali where we tasted traditional Indian food, coloured in Indian rangoli patterns using sand and chubby markers and even witnessed Anj dressing in a sari and performing some Indian dancing!

Finally, on Friday it was Children In Need Day where many of children dressed up in Pudsey clothes and ears!  We had a yellow sensory tray with Pudsey in and made Pudsey bear masks and collages on Pudsey templates!

One of our children showed an interest in space from making a rocket out of bricks and wearing a space themed jumper so for the following week we made a giant rocket to throw space balls into! We enjoyed star and rocket printing, we had a rocket for our small world area and had an interest tray with space puzzles to match.

In the softplay room we made rockets and robots and moved very slowly like astronauts which the children were very good at!  We sang some new rocket songs which the children really enjoyed singing. We also enjoyed a rocket hunt in the garden as the children love to play hide and seek, this also helps them count from 1-10.

Quite a few children commented on how dark it was getting in the evenings whilst still at nursery, so for the final week we have focused on the theme “dark and light”.  We enjoyed lots of creative activities such as painting and sticking with light blue and dark blue, and painting with black and white. We touched on the subject of nocturnal animals where we talked about animals that come out and night.  The children loved making bats for our display in our room!

In the ‘dark den’ we made in our room, the children used a light box to explore different colours using our transparent blocks, the children loved to change the colour of the light by themselves!

As you can see we have had another busy, but, enjoyable month. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our team. Also, if you do any interesting activities with your children please share on FAMLY as we would love to share and talk about their experiences especially as Christmas is approaching!!

Kelly and team!


Explorers Room

Emma, Room Leader

This month Explorers have focused their learning on celebrations around the world. 

We started these celebrations with Bonfire Night, where the children made a variety of bonfire pictures, sparklers and beautiful rockets out of junk modelling whilst we talked about how we keep ourselves safe!

We introduced the ‘Whatever Next’ story, which the children acted out and planned their own picnic to take to the moon.

The children were very enthusiastic in finding out about Remembrance Day, looking at pictures of our veterans, monument and medals.  This led to us creating a variety of poppy pictures and making our very own medals which the children wore with pride!

The children thoroughly enjoyed supporting ‘Children in Need’, showing off their Pudsey Outfits and Pyjamas!  We took part in Joe Wicks Workout with the children showing off lots of new moves!  We also enjoyed decorating Pudsey Bear pictures and worked as a team to pain our extra large Pudsey for our display!!  Thank you so much for all your kind donations!

Our next celebration was Diwali, the festival of light, where the children were eager to show off their patterns using colourful sand, pegs and boards and the pattern blocks.  There as lots of talks around colours and shapes as they showed off their patterns.

After the story of Roma and Sila, the children wanted to make some diva lamps which led us on to our next topic, dark and light.  The children made dens in the room and explored torches and our projector.  The children then extended their knowledge comparing various opposites such as dark and light, soft and hard etc. 

After a busy few weeks, we ended the month finding out about Thanksgiving.  We talked about what we are all thankful for and how we can thank other people.  The children prepared for their Thanksgiving Lunch by creating placemats, flags and party hats.  We looked at the map to see how far America was from where we lived and talked about their traditions. 

We are now very much enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

Many thanks, Emma and team!



Sasha, Deputy Manager | Charlene, Early Years Practitioner

Pre-School have had a busy month focusing on a range of different cultural celebrations and events.  The children began the month excitedly talking about fireworks and the how it gets darker earlier in the evenings now. This led us to explore a simple version of the story behind bonfire night which created further interest in bonfire night, experimenting with different firework sounds and creating firework pictures in different ways. We also looked at firework safety and how to keep ourselves safe and warm.

One of the children brought in a torch and we discussed when and why we might need a torch, which linked into the Diwali celebration. The children learnt the story of Princess Sita and Prince Rama and how the community created their own lights to guide and welcome the Prince and Princess back home. The children took interest in this story and were keen to act this out, creating their own ‘diva lamps’ out of air- drying clay to guide each other to different places. The children looked at lines of symmetry in rangoli patterns and developed their hand eye co-ordination drawing around their own hands and create their own henna designs. 

The following week one of the children brought in a poppy they had made at home, this developed an interest behind the importance of a poppy and why it is important to remember those that have helped our country. Pre-school were keen to use their sown ideas and thoughts to design and make their own medals. They also worked together sharing resources and helping each other to create a poppy wreath to take down to the Remembrance Day parade, which was kindly undertaken by the Mayor of Falmouth with ourselves being unable to attend due to Covid restrictions. The focus on sharing and being kind and helpful to each other then led on to a focus upon the Thanksgiving celebration. The children explored a range of traditional items linked to this celebration, before directing their own learning and interests, looking at ways we could celebrate Thanksgiving within pre-school. The children used their ideas and problem-solving skills to create their own party hats, American flags and placemats in preparation for out Thanksgiving Day meal, before ending the week with a parade around pre-school and the outdoor area.

This month we have lots happening in the build up to our Christmas celebrations and the children are very busy learning their songs for the Christmas Performance!

Sasha, Charlene and team.

Fit 'N' Fun Kids wish all our families a Merry Christmas!

You can relax when you bring your child to Fit 'N' Fun Nurseries, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be safe, stimulated, nurtured, educated, supported and encouraged.

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