Newsletter March

Newsletter March 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame
Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

Dear Parents

Wow.. and then it was March.. the weeks are flying by!

We are really enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings, it is nice for the children to play outside at the end of the day without having to put the spot lights on!

Thank you for sending in your photos of the fun activities you are enjoying at home – these really support your child’s learning journey and are a great conversation point when they come in to the nursery.

Dates for diaries:

Reminder – World Book Day Thursday 4th March – we would love for you to send your children in dressed as their favourite book character!

Term dates:

Last day of Spring term funded term time children 26th March

Summer terms starts 19th April 2021.

Belinda and Abi

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader | Abi, Senior Nursery Practitioner

We hope you have had a good month and all enjoyed the lovely Valentines cards made by your little ones.

The Under Twos have explored a few different topics in our room based on their interests which we have observed. We had a fun week learning all about transport. We rolled all our different vehicles down bamboo tubes which caused great excitement. We played with our car sets and train tracks, read books and listened to songs about different vehicles. The children created tyre track artworks by rolling cars in paint, created a collage of vehicles and did lost of painting and colouring in of vehicle pictures.

Many of the children have been so excited to hear and see the birds out in the garden lately and so we had a lovely time exploring a topic about birds and exploring feathers, straw for nests and little fluffy chicks and eggs.

Thank you so much for continuing to send in all their waterproofs – we are spending hours outside in the garden. Please don’t worry to send in any bedding anymore as we have decided to just use nursery bedding at the minute as a precaution and as a way to limit what comes into the setting.

Have a lovely March and enjoy the first signs of spring with your little ones,

Belinda, Abi and the team!


Littles Room

Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of February, we explored different weathers following our children talking about the rain and the rainbows we saw in the sky. We made sun catchers for the windows using yogurt lids and cellophane. We also made wind spirals for our room where we put the fans on and watched them going around and around. We sang weather songs, particularly “its raining and pouring”!! We decorated umbrellas in bright colours.

The following week we celebrated Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. The children decorated scales to make a giant dragon for our display board in our room which looks amazing! The children made lovely Chinese lanterns to hang up in our room and to take home. We provided a little taste of traditional Chinese food (allergies permitting) and we also provided a sensory tray with red and gold objects to explore and special money wallets to empty and fill up with Chinese currency.

During the third week we focused on music, as a few of our littles children have shown a keen interest in making sounds with objects around the room (not always instruments!) so we provided materials to make our own shakers to shake during song time and boxes and rubber bands to explore strumming sound. We have been dancing to different music from around the world as well as clapping rhythms with our hands and drums. We provided metal pots, cardboard boxes and saucepans with spoons to make loud, quiet, (mainly loud!) and fast and slow sounds which was popular. During this week we also celebrated pancake day by tasting delicious pancakes and dairy free pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We also had fun flipping cardboard pancakes of different sizes in different sized pans with spatulas.

For our final week we provided resources to explore our favourite nursery rhymes, a lot of our new children the week before seemed to really enjoy singing lots of songs and nursey rhymes. We made a Hickory Dickory Dock display where the children painted a little mouse to climb the clock. We went in the garden and looked around the garden for Insey Winsey spiders and then we made Insey Winsey spiders using our hand prints. We decorated stars for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and made Speckled Frog masks to do music and movement in the softplay room to the song!

On a last note please label wellies, coats and drink bottles it really helps to keep a track of the children’s items, especially as there are a couple of children with the same wellies at the moment. Also we love to speak to your children about what they get up to at the weekends so please feel free to add pictures on Famly as the children like to see it too!

Kelly and team!


Pre-School and Explorers

Emma, Room Leader

For the first week of February we completed our focus on developing and using the superpowers needed for learning. The pre-school children have been using their ‘Keep it up Captain’ and Achieving Iron Man’ skills to persevere with activities and take pride in their achievements. The children explored the story of ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson and how ‘Zog’ keeps trying, despite finding things challenging until he wins a golden star! The children thought about achievements they are proud of and how they used their perseverance skills and ability to keep on trying to succeed. We practiced these skills, challenging pre-school to keep on trying – to try and listen, try and put their shoes on etc. They used their ICT skills, using the paint programme on the computer to design certificates for ‘Zog’. They also challenged themselves to design and make their own stars, choosing which resources to use and how to handle these safely. We focused on number, counting the dragons in and out of dragon school and the children used their imagination to search for dragons in the garden.

The talk around dragons, led us to explore Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated. The children enjoyed creating an enormous dragon for our display using paints, pens, crayons, pencils, tissue paper and shiny paper. We also made some lanterns and had a go at doing some Chinese writing! Alongside this we also read the story of the Smed and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson, which helped us to think about the importance of being kind and caring towards our friends. The children shared their thoughts around the qualities that make a good friend, which also led onto ‘Valentines Day’ and talking about the people who are important to us and why. Pre-school enjoyed the challenge of designing and creating their own Valentines card and friendship cards.

Following this, the children looked at some images from space and the children shared their knowledge and space facts with us, they discussed what they would like to find out about space e.g. ‘how do astronauts breathe on the moon?’ and ‘what does orbit mean?’ … we will continue to explore and find out answers to their questions over the next few weeks! Pre-school designed their own aliens too and explored our space theme tray – helping to weigh and count our moon-rocks!

After the half-term break the children have shown interest in identifying signs of spring, we have been looking at how things change and develop over time. Pre-school have listened to the story of the very hungry caterpillar, they have enjoyed talking about the beginning, middle and end of the story and how the caterpillar feels throughout. The children had a go at ordering the story in small groups, practicing using their cutting skills to create their own story boards and using these to retell the story independently. Pre-school also looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar and we thought about other insects and animals that change as they develop – which we plan to focus on more next week. The children have practiced their number recognition and understanding that numbers identify how many are in a set, using their finger prints to create different length caterpillars to match the number given. We also thought about where caterpillars live and the children designed and built their own caterpillar enclosures in the garden and planned what they would need to go on a bug hunt. This led to the children deciding to use magnifying glasses to search for bugs outside, taking some clipboards and pencils to create observational drawings of the insects they found. Pre-school also explored colour mixing, making their own butterfly prints!

As always please feel free to upload anything your child gets up to at home on to Famly, thank you!

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