Newsletter April

Newsletter April 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

It’s our 20th birthday!

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

Dear Parents

Welcome to April’s newsletter. This month we are celebrating our 20th Birthday! We have lots of exciting plans in place to mark this special day. We will be planting a tree in Tregoniggie Woods to mark our 20th year and we cannot go without having our own party and hearing all the lovely memories from past and present families, children and staff members.


Masks: Can we please remind parents to wear a mask when picking up and collecting your children unless of course you are exempt. 

School places: Our Preschool children will be allocated their school places on Friday 16th of April. Could you please let a member of staff know what school your child will be attending from September? Exciting times! 

Just a little reminder – due to staff ratios could you please drop your child off at their allocated session time, if you need an earlier start or later finish please contact the office. 

Dates for your diary:

Term time children return on Monday 19th of April. 

Half term: 31st May to 4th June 

End of term: Friday 23rd July 

Rachel, Lynn and the Fit N Fun Kids Team!

Belinda and Abi

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader | Abi, Senior Nursery Practitioner

This month we have taken inspiration from the children’s interests and learning schemas and we have focussed on things that roll. We created painting with rolling pins, rolled tins covered in bubble wrap and string, rolled balls in the garden, rolled vehicles and balls down bamboo ramps and created our own ‘pom-pom runs’ using bottles, tubs and pompom balls. 

We then went on to explore sensory activities and the children had lots of opportunities to explore playdough, sand and water. There has been lots of learning through pouring, emptying, filling, digging, squishing, rolling, prodding and generally getting stuck in to all these messy activities. Thank you for your patience about all the wet items of clothing that have been sent home. We always put their aprons on but sometimes the splashing gets under their sleeves! 

This final week of March we have started to welcome in the new season by creating daffodil paintings, hunting for laminated Easter egg pictures, exploring little chick and egg toys, printing with bunny and egg stamps and creating an Easter tree with branches and eggs decorated by the children. We are outside enjoying the milder weather as much as possible.

Please be reminded that we don’t need bedding to be sent in anymore, we are using the nursery bedding, and please continue to send in spare clothes for your little ones as they often need a change in the day.

Many thanks

Belinda, Abi and the team!


Littles Room

Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of March we celebrated world book day which was a lot of fun. We read our favourite stories and nursery rhymes and role played “Going on a bear hunt”, which the children really enjoyed. We made a lovely interactive Gruffalo story sack and made our very own Gruffalo’s from kitchen rolls! The children explored The Three Little Pigs story, they had the challenge of designing and creating a house for the little pigs using straw, sticks and bricks before the big bad wolf came along! We also celebrated St Piran’s day, listening to sea shanties, tasting traditional Cornish pasties and cream teas and also making collages using Cornish tartan patterns. 

A few of our children have taken a real interest in bird spotting in the garden and one of our children found a pigeon feather so we thought it would be nice to learn more about birds, comparing the similarities and differences between the birds. The children made bird feeders for their own gardens as well our nursery garden, this was messy job but the children enjoyed it. We made nests using straw, eggs and chicks and made parrot pictures using feathers. The children experimented with moving like different birds to music, flapping their wings and waddling like a penguins etc. They also made Mother’s Day cards using our handprints for a bunch of flowers; the children love to paint their hands.

Next the children celebrated St Patrick’s Day dressing up in green, using green materials to collage our shamrocks with, icing biscuits with green icing and counting with the leprechaun’s pot of gold! We also concentrated on colours this week by exploring a different colour each day through painting and gluing and sticking activities. This led nicely onto out Comic relief celebration where the children dressed up in bright colours!

As a few of the children have begun noticing the seeds and pips in the apples and peppers at snack time, we moved on to looks at planting and growth. The children experimented with planting, using pots, spades and soil to plant their own sunflower seeds – we look forward to watching them grow. We painted pictures of daffodils and have also planted some cress as this grows nice and quickly. The children also used their creative skills, using vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and courgette to print with, creating discussion about where these vegetables came from.

If I could just mention the weather is starting to get a little warmer now so if a labelled sun cream could be provided over the next couple of weeks in preparation for some sunny weather that would be really helpful. 

Thank you for all the lovely photos on FAMLY, you have shared about how you and your children have spent the weekend, it would really helpful if you could add them to the observation section rather than in a message, as your child’s keyworker will be able to access this easier.

Have a lovely Easter!

Kelly and team!


Pre-School and Explorers

Sasha, Deputy Manager | Charlene, Early Years Practitioner

Pre-school and Explorers have had a really busy month exploring and observing how things develop, change and grow within the natural world. We began the month taking part in some bird spotting in the garden, after one of our children brought in a leaflet full of images of different birds. This inspired the children to take some magnifying glasses, clipboards, paper and pens with them into the garden to draw what birds and insects they could see. This interest led us to explore what birds eat and the children had the challenge of making some bird feeders, showing their care and concern for our wildlife.

We also received an exciting frogspawn delivery at the beginning of the month, which has created a lot of interest from the children. Pre-school have looked at the life cycle of a frog examining the frogspawn closely whilst completing some observational drawings, comparing the frogspawn to ‘kiwi seeds!’ Over the month, the frogspawn have developed in to very active tadpoles, the children have taken great interest in observing this process and we found out that the tadpoles will take 12-14 weeks to develop into frogs … we will keep you updated on their progress!

Our focus around how insects and animals grow, develop and change, linked nicely to the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, which explains how some animals look the same as they get bigger, but others change completely. This story inspired the children’s imagination, motivating them to go on a jungle safari around the pre-school room, describing and drawing the animals they came across. They also painted animal pictures and sung animal related number songs and rhymes. This interest in animals, then led to the children listening to and learning the story of The Three Little Pigs using a story map. One of the children kindly brought in some photographs of their pigs from home, so we discussed what pigs need, described how they look and where they live etc. which led to the children designing and building their own shelters for ‘The Three Little Pigs!’.  Pre-school enjoyed experimenting with building houses out of straw, sticks and bricks and have used their listening ears to identify the initial sounds at the start of different animal names.

Finally, the children have also become little gardeners, taking responsibility for planting their own seeds and writing their names on their plant pot labels. These plant pots are slowly making their way to your homes; it would be great if you could update us of the changes and growth of the seeds by adding photos and a few comments to Famly, as this links into our growing and changing topic and will generate lots of valuable discussions! The children have helped to plan and design our vegetable garden within our floorbook. They have considered what equipment we will need and how to use this safely, shared their ideas around what fruits, vegetables and herbs they would like to plant and how long they think these might take to grow – thoughts ranged from ‘one week’, to ‘a billion years’ and even ‘100 million meters’ … We are looking forward to observing how long these take to grow!! The children experimented with digging, planting, scooping and tipping pots of soil and exploring the texture of a range of seeds and beans. They have practiced their fine pincer movements, using tweezers to pick up the correct number of beans to match the numbered pots, developing their understanding that numbers can represent how many objects are in a set.

With the children’s help our vegetable and herb garden is starting to take shape! The children have planted our herbs and vegetables. They have taken interest in observing and exploring how the seeds and potatoes look, using a magnifying glass to examine the differences and writing notes about what they can see. We discussed what the seeds will need to grow and how we can nurture our crops. We look forward to observing some signs of growth and will keep you updated with our home-grown progress!

As the weather is beginning to warm up, please could you pack some sun cream and sun hats for us to use on the days it is warm and sunny. Also please continue to send coats and wellies for those rainy days too!

Many thanks and enjoy the Easter break!

The Pre-School and Explorers Team.

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