Newsletter May

Newsletter May 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Welcome to our May Newsletter and to the Summer Term!

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

It’s so nice to see the children enjoying our outside area more with the finer weather and brighter evenings. With that in mind we would be grateful if you could send your children in to nursery with a labelled sunhat and sun cream if you have not done so already. If you could apply some sun cream before they arrive that would be great help and we can top it up throughout the day.

We will be holding telephone parents evening the week of the 24th May. If you would like to arrange a telephone appointment with your child’s key worker please let the office or your child’s room know and we can arrange a day and time to suit you.

Dates for your diary:

Half term for term time children: 31st May to 4th June.

Parents Evening w/c 24th May 2021


Just a little reminder – due to staff ratios could you please drop your child off and collect at their allocated session time, if you need an earlier start or later finish please contact the office.

Lynn, Rachel and team!

Belinda and Abi

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader | Abi, Senior Nursery Practitioner

This month we have enjoyed the change of season by exploring a ‘Spring’ topic. We have brought natural items into nursery for the children to explore and use in their artwork. We have used natural flowers to stick, we have looked at real daffodils and created daffodil paintings, looked at wild flowers to create paintings, used flower heads for printing and used leaves and branches as paintbrushes to create fun techniques.

We have talked about the warm weather and the sunshine and have started introducing the routines of sunhats and sun cream in our daily self-care.

We have also looked at books with baby animals and have enjoyed playing with the farm set to further this topic.

We went on to our ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ topic as this is a firm favourite book of many of the children is our room. We have been posting food items in the caterpillars mouth, naming food items on laminated cards to increase single word vocabulary, reading the book as a group, counting the fruits, creating caterpillar collages and butterfly painted wings!

This month we have welcomed some new friends to the baby room and we’ll be saying goodbye to a couple of our friends who have turned two and will move up to Littles. Thank you for the birthday cake!

Please let us know if your children have any favourite books they are enjoying at home so we can try our best to get them in the room.

Many thanks,

Belinda, Abi and the team!



Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of this month we focused on the Indian festival of Holi which is the Indian celebration of good over evil, the end of Winter and beginning of Summer where we tasted traditional Indian food, danced to traditional Indian music and made very colourful sand pictures and drew our own Rangoli patterns in the floor using chalks.

Also this week it was the lead up Easter where we provided string and paint to create and decorate Easter templates. We matched different sized and different patterned ovals and talked about the differences. We did egg and spoon walks around the garden which the children enjoyed and we went on Easter egg hunts around the garden which was very popular. We made Easter chocolate nests and explored eggs and chicks in the different sensory play talking about the life cycle of a chick. On the 1st April, we celebrated Fit N Fun Kids 20th birthday by making special hats and having a party at snack time.

For the following week we have explored mini beasts as our children have seen bees, flies and a ladybird which flew into our room so Anj held him and showed the children. We went on a bug hunt in our garden and mud garden and found lots of lovely bugs to talk about and look at using out magnifying glasses and special bug boxes. We made bees using our foot prints and made ladybirds using paper plates, we made a lovely display in our room with these bugs.

We had a whole week planned on the Very Hungry Caterpillar story where the children made caterpillars and butterflies using playdough. We used our hungry caterpillar story sack to post all the different food into the caterpillar’s mouth. We matched and sorted using our caterpillars and did lots of craft activities such as making and decorating butterflies using materials to glue with and paint.

On the 21st of April we celebrated the Queen’s birthday by putting up the union jack flags in the garden, making crowns and having afternoon tea which comprised of cucumber sandwiches and strawberries.

On the 23rd April we celebrated St Georges day where we put up our England flags, made our own England flags and even made dragons using paper plates!

For the final week of this month our children showed a lot of interest and noticed all the different insects that fly and also the aeroplanes and helicopters in the air so we decided to plan a week of “things that fly” and how they fly and what they need to fly with. We made paper aeroplanes and kites and also we made a roleplay aeroplane in the garden where we made tickets and passports to board our plane, the children really enjoyed this activity!

Finally, can I just remind parents to bring cream and hats in and please, please, please label them as it can be very busy and hats can get a little muddled!

Many thanks

Kelly and team!


Pre-School and Explorers

Sasha, Deputy Manager | Charlene, Early Years Practitioner

Welcome to the Summer term! We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.

Over the last few weeks we have been exploring our topic of ‘at the seaside’, the children have been taking in turns in small groups to share what being at the seaside means to them, we have had lots of interesting discussions ranging from rock-pooling, to boat riding and eating ice cream! We are going to build the children’s interests into our weekly themes, and cover sun, sea and beach safety alongside this.

The first week of the summer term we shared the story of the rainbow fish, the children identified why the rainbow fish felt sad when she chose to keep all of her shiny scales to herself and also how she felt much happier when she shared her scales out with her friends. The children then linked this to how proud they feel when they share and take turns and this has been an ongoing discussion over the last few weeks. The story of the rainbow fish led us to experiment with designing and creating our own sea creatures, some of the children chose to use paints and mix colours, others chose to practice their cutting skills to cut around templates and stick the body parts together.  The children also practiced their name recognition and name writing skills in preparation for starting school, writing their name on and decorating scales, to make our own giant rainbow fish (Pictures of this will be added onto family).

This led on to exploring the story of ‘Sharing a Shell’; the children were keen to share their thoughts around how each of the character’s feel throughout, whilst sharing their experiences of rock pooling. This story inspired pre-school to paint a giant under the sea picture outside, using a range of different sized paint brushes and sponges, experimenting with mixing colours.  Some of the children also chose to cut out seaweed to stick onto their shared picture too. We have also had lots of opportunities for developing number recognition and counting out a given number, adding the right number of shells to numbered buckets. The children have also enjoyed mark making in dried rice, which soon developed into tipping and pouring the rice and using this to pretend to cook in their imaginary play.

We also have some very exciting news … our caterpillars have formed their own chrysalis and our bean stalks are starting to grow up really high! We are observing the chrysalis and bean stalk every day to observe and discuss any changes.

Please continue to send your children in with hats and sun cream. Thank you! 

The Pre-School and Explorers Team!

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