Newsletter July 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Welcome to our July Newsletter!

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

This month has seen an increase in the number of children unwell with fever, coughs, colds and sore throats.  It has been reported that nationally there are more respiratory viruses circulating as well as Covid.  Most often these are mild self-limiting illnesses and can be treated at home with paracetamol (calpol) and keeping up fluid intake. 

If your child is showing these symptoms, we would ask that you keep them home until they are feeling well.  Please do not give your child calpol to reduce their temperature and then send them in as the calpol is only masking the virus which can then be passed on to others.  Any child with a temperature must be kept home for at least 24hrs after any fever has gone.

We are also continuing to be advised that any child with symptoms such as a temperature, cough or loss of or change to taste and smell must not attend nursery and should arrange a PCR test via NHS online portal or by calling 119 or your GP.

We are pleased that to date, since the onset of the pandemic, we have avoided having to close or shut down any bubbles and this is very much down to the partnership working with yourselves as parents and our team within their safe practice.  We really appreciate your support as this means children have not had to miss essential care and learning with us.

We have shared our Covid Management Strategy on FAMLY and on our website Covid page so that you can see read our plan as we move in to Step 4 on the 19th July 2021.  If you wish to discuss this with us or add your thoughts on this, please do give Rachel a call.

All our children that are due to be funded in pre-school from September 2021, you should have received a letter from us with the funding forms to be completed and returned to Vicky.  If you have not received this or if you have any questions please do let Vicky know.

This month we will see our term time pre-school children leave us as they take the next step in their journey with their transition now to school.  It has been an absolute pleasure to have them with us and to have supported their development.  We will miss each and every one of them and wish them all the best for their future – please do keep in touch and don’t forget to send us their ‘first day at school’ photos!

Dates for your diary:

End of term for Pre-school is 23rd July 2021 (term time children). 

Stretched funded children ends 27th August 2021.

Rachel, Lynn and team!

Belinda and Abi

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader | Abi, Senior Nursery Practitioner

We have had a lovely month in ‘Under Twos’. We have welcomed some new friends who have started at nursery so it has been lovely getting to know them and it has also been so nice to see how settled the existing babies are and how they can demonstrate the room routines to their new friends.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather and thank you for sending in their named hats and sun creams. The babies have enjoyed splashing in the water play which is both educational and a way to keep cool! Please be sure to pack spare clothes for them because they are often getting a bit wet at the moment.

We noticed how much some of the children enjoy construction toys and so we explored construction and building as a topic for two weeks. We played with all manner of building resources including duplo, mega blox, stickle bricks, connectors, foam bricks and wooden blocks. We looked at pictures of duplo castles for inspiration and talked about size and shape while building. Tall towers, big castles, big and little blocks… We included construction vehicles in this topic and loaded up dumper trucks with bark and cones and blocks.

We further noticed what excitement and fun the children get from the footballs in the garden and so we explored balls as a topic to follow. We used and emphasized the action words associated with ball play. ‘Kick, roll, throw and catch’ were all used repetitively to consolidate their understanding and some Makaton signs have been used and repeated for these too. Playing with the balls was a great opportunity for them to share, socialise, remember each other’s names as we passed to each other and increase their control of handling objects. We also posted balls into boxes with cut-outs, filled muffin trays with balls, did throwing, catching and even tried juggling in the soft play.

We are still aiming to make a family book for each child in Under Twos so please do email in any family photos that you would like to be included in your child’s family book.

Many thanks,

Belinda, Abi and the team



Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of June we explored babies/dolls as the children showed a keen interest in caring and nurturing the dolls, so we decided to spend the week talking about what babies need to grow, how we care for them, what they need etc. The children pretended to feed the dolls, change their nappies, put the babies to sleep and sung to them etc. The children also focused on dental care and talking about why we brush our teeth, when our teeth grow, who we visit to look at our teeth and we experimented with painting with toothbrushes.

As the sun has been shining the children have been talking about having ice creams at the beach, so we had an ice cream themed week where we decorated lollies and ice creams, whilst sharing our favourite ice cream flavours. We made an ice cream shop where we were selling ice creams and lollies for 1p, this proved very popular, so we kept our ice cream shop for a further couple of weeks! We also went on an ice cream treasure hunt in the garden where the children counted to 10 and then had to find the ice creams.

For the following week, we focused on boats and sea creatures so we sang seaside songs, we made a roleplay boat to sail on and visit places of the children’s choice. This led to the children making their very own boats to sail in the water and experimenting with floating and sinking with a range of objects. The children developed their hand eye co-ordination using the fishing nets and rods to catch fish in the water, which inspired them to create their own fish and octopus sea creatures as part of our craft activities. 

It was also Father’s Day, so the children made special cards to give to their daddies or grandads, the children used their hands to print rainbow fish on the cards. Some of our children have been interested in building with shapes and drawing shapes in sensory play, this led to a range of shape activities such as jumping in and out of the shapes drawn on the floor in the garden, using funny voices when playing with the shape puppets to talk to each other with, and we played hide and seek with the shapes which was very popular! The children also has the opportunity to explore colour, taking part in activities such as sorting, matching, painting and making new colours by mixing the 3 primary colours in different ways.

Can I please remind parents to try and label hats and sun cream , but also shoes, coats and water bottles  as a couple of our children have the same ones and can get a little confusing, as you can imagine!

Any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask

Many thanks

Kelly, Anj, Danni and Maria


Pre-School and Explorers

Sasha, Deputy Manager | Charlene, Early Years Practitioner

Over the last few weeks Pre-school have been learning about ‘people who help us’, they have been fortunate enough to take part in a talk and activities from an Optician and also a trained First Aider, the children thoroughly enjoyed these valuable learning experiences (**Our Covid policies and regulations were followed throughout, if you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask**). The visit from the Optician enabled the children to help carry out an eye test on our practitioners and explore a range of equipment such as torches, 3D glasses, children’s eye test resources etc. During the visit from the First Aider, the children learnt some basic first aid skills such as what to do in an emergency and the information to give if they need to ring 999. They practiced their bandaging and plastering skills on the teddies and dollies developing their fine pincer movements and also learnt how many back slaps to give if someone is choking.

The children have become doctors and nurses within our role play area, booking appointments, writing prescriptions and looking after each other, building upon their early reading and writing skills. We have explored x-rays and created a giant skeleton using our creative skills. We have also looked at the role of a dentist and created instructions together for how to clean our teeth properly and thoroughly, discussing the importance of good oral health. We have also explored the role of a teacher, the children have enjoyed taking on the role of a teacher, creating their own registers and reading stories to their ‘classes’. We have talked about the transition to school and discussed what the children are looking forward to doing once they go to their new schools. We have also been very busy preparing for our celebratory week at the end of term – lots of lovely keepsakes heading your way very soon!

Please continue to send your children in with sunhats, sun cream and a spare change of clothes – Pre-school are particularly enjoying the mud kitchen and water play at the moment, so a spare change of clothes is always handy.


The Pre-School Team

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