Newsletter August 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Welcome to our August Newsletter!

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

Dates for your diary:

Funded children are due to start back on 6th September 2021.

Wishing everyone a lovely Summer break!!

Rachel, Lynn and team!

Belinda and Abi

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader | Abi, Senior Nursery Practitioner

We have had a lovely summery month in Under Twos. The children have enjoyed splashing in the water play and exploring the garden in the sunshine and under shade canopies to cool off. The garden is looking colourful with pretty flowers which have really captured their interest and brought buzzy bees to the garden too for the little ones to notice.

We have explored a topic about Healthy Eating. We had fun printing with vegetables and fruits, playing in sensory citrus water (full of grapefruits, lemons and limes, pots jugs, spoons and whisks) in the garden, naming different fruits and vegetables by using toys and flash cards, tasting and smelling different fruits and veg and also creating a big room display with our artworks. We hope to develop the children’s enjoyment of learning about and trying a range of foods and an exploratory attitude towards their food. We also included much speech, counting and sensory play in this topic too!

In the final week of the month we moved onto healthy teeth and we have had lots of fun using play tooth brushes to scrub some laminated smiley mouth pictures and added smiles to our room display. We will keep going with this topic into the next month.

We have welcomed some new friends and we are so happy to see them form bonds and settle into the nursery environment. Thank you for all of the detailed information provided about your children so that we can create an environment like home for them. Please always feel welcome to give us news and information whenever you can as it helps us so much to care for them and help their development.

Thank you so much to those who have sent in family photos. We are still aiming to make a family book for each child in Under Twos so please do email in any family photos that you would like to be included in your child’s family book.

Many thanks,

Belinda, Abi and the team



Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of the month we have focused on farm animals as one of our children showed great knowledge of where sausages come from so each day we focused on a different animal and what they provide. We provided animal templates to decorate using paint and collage materials. We sang old Macdonald had a farm and used Makaton signs for the animals. We went on a farm animal hunt around the garden and played with the farm animals in different sensory such as cereal, oats and playdough. We moved around the room like different farm animals making the animal noises and using the Makaton sign for each animal.

This led us onto explore jungle animals for the following two weeks and where the different animals come from on the map. We made animal masks, decorated large animals for a display; we made monkey masks to sing the song “5 little monkeys” which proved very popular! The children enjoyed reading lots of books with jungle animals in and putting their names to the animals in the book, this was lots of fun! We went on an animal hide and seek hunt in the garden and used lots of leaves and twigs to make it feel more jungle like, the children used the binoculars to hunt for the animals. We explored the jungle animals in lots of different sensory play such as sand, playdough and grass.

For the last week of this month it was time to celebrate the Olympics so we did our own littles running races, egg and spoons races, obstacle courses and a lot of physical play and parachute games. We did our own little opening ceremony using the different flags from around the world in our garden and the instruments. The children made their own medals for competing in our “littles Olympics” using gold and silver paint. The children made Olympic ring pictures using the end of toilet rolls to make the circle shape. Some of the children knew bits about the Olympics so it was nice to talk to the children more about what happens at the Olympics.

It has been a busy month in Littles as you can see, if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,

Kelly, Anj, Danni and Maria


Pre-School and Explorers

Sasha, Deputy Manager | Charlene, Early Years Practitioner

This month our pre-school children who are leaving for school have been very busy, creating and making keepsakes of their time in pre-school for their special people at home. We have discussed all of the new knowledge and skills that the children have developed and learnt throughout their time at Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids, they have thought about what they aspire to be when they grow up and have also made handprints, recalled the activities they have enjoyed, talked about friendships they have developed and thought about what they are most looking forward to about starting school. We have also celebrated this milestone with a graduation ceremony for them all, followed by lots of dancing and playing the children’s favourite games. Alongside this we have continued our ‘people who help us theme’, the children have looked at the role of a teacher, creating and making their own registers and taking in turns to share stories with their friends.

Pre-School have also been continuing to nurture our vegetable garden, completing this cycle of growth, harvesting the potatoes and using these to make chips and potato salad. This was a great process for them to be part of, which helped to develop their understanding of food growth and also the importance of maintaining good hygiene whilst cooking – for example washing the potatoes and their hands before food preparation. Following this, they were able to practice their cutting skills and hand eye co-ordination to handle tools safely, using the knives carefully to cut up their potatoes. The children observed first-hand how potatoes can be used in a range of ways for different meals, and they really enjoyed trying the potato salad and chips they had made.

Finally, we also had our Sports Day in small groups; the children took part in lots of races including an obstacle course, a running race, walking on stilts etc. Good fun was had by all and the children were very proud of their certificates and medals they received for taking part.

We wish all of our children and families leaving for school the best of luck and you will be missed by us all! What an exciting learning journey you all have ahead of you.

The Pre-School Team

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