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Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Welcome to our October Newsletter.

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

We are planning to hold our termly Parent Evening calls from the week of 1st November (after the half term holidays).  Parent Evenings are open to parents of all children at Fit N Fun Kids and will be via a phone call.  Your child’s Room Leader / Key Worker will offer you time and date options in due course. 

Not all parents may want a phone call to discuss their child’s progress and this is absolutely fine as we appreciate the girls feedback at the end of each session, however, our parent evening calls allow for a more meaningful discussion if you would find this helpful.

During our half term week, the children may participate in some Halloween themed activities.  We appreciate not all families celebrate this tradition so please do let us know if you wish for your child not to take part.

Dates for your diary:

For those who are term time only, October Half Term is from 25/10/21 to 29/10/21.

Belinda Hosen

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader

What a busy September we have had in our Under Twos rooms with lots of learning, playing and exploring! A few new babies have joined us and we have loved getting to know them and their families. Thank you for all the detailed information you have given us to help us settle them in, it’s so helpful for us to know about their individual routines, comforts and needs.

We have had a lot of messy play activities out and sensory opportunities available this month as we find it to be so popular with the children and full of learning and discovery. Sensory activities and tactile play are also very comforting to young children, this open ended play can encourage social interaction between the children and adults as well as promote speech as they comment on what they discover.

We have had cornflower gloop with spoons and bowls to fill and empty and pour and watch the effects. We have had colourful rice to pour and scoop with different smelling twigs like lavender or rosemary. We have had peppermint scented playdough for the children to squish and squeeze and explore with rollers and cutters. We have had bright coloured moon sand, beach sand with buckets and spades and lots of water play too.

The children are all loving their song time and especially love the action songs and the musical instruments sessions. We are still going out into the  garden as the weather cools so please do send in waterproof suits for your little ones and a pair of shoes. Wellie boots are handy for those that are walking now.

Thank you as ever for the lovely family photos that you have sent in for the family books, if you have yet to send in some family pictures please do and we will make a little family book for your child to look at.

Many thanks

Belinda and the team.



Kelly, Room Leader

During September we followed the theme of “All About Me” as we had many new children join us and lots of new two-year-olds coming up from our Under Twos. 

For the first week we focused on ourselves and our features, we talked about the colour of our eyes, hair, and discussed our similarities and differences.  We painted with different parts of our bodies such as hands and feet to print with. In the garden we drew lots of faces and talked about how we were feeling. We explored ‘mark making’ through various sensory options such as shaving foam and sand, again drawing lots of faces with all the details. We sang songs incorporating different parts of our bodies and in and our ‘music and movement’ sessions we moved around the room, garden and soft-play room, moving different parts of our bodies, bending and stretching, jumping, rolling etc.. this proved to be very popular!  

For the second week we talked about our homes and where we live, we talked about some of the features our houses have and how many bedrooms and bathrooms we have. We also looked at different types of houses from around the world such as igloos, and we built igloos using white foam bricks which was fun. We also talked about who lives in our houses and our families we visit at different houses.  Our family books were lovely to look through and talk about our families.

For the third week we concentrated on our senses and talked about what we use them for. We enjoyed scented painting using orange and lemon essence, we made and decorated Mr Potato Head and stuck all his features on and discussed what we use these features for. We provided scented pots to smell different fruits and also used herbs in creating their own sticky scented pictures. Other creative activities we enjoyed were sticking using different kinds of materials that were soft, rough, scratchy etc.. and we also played a game where we put an item from around the room in a box that the children couldn’t see and had to guess what it was by feeling it using their hands. We played a humming game where the children had to guess the song we were humming using their ears  which was fun, we also listened to some of our favourite stories on the cd player using our ears. Sensory we explored this week was scented gloop, water, sand and paint.

For the final week we talked about our feelings and we discussed what makes us happy, sad etc…  Each day we asked the children how they were feeling and what they would like to play with that makes them happy. We explored different sensory such as oats and shaving foam and drew happy and sad faces as well as using pens and pencils. We have face templates where the children put eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair on. We did lots of singing and acting out our favourite songs particularly “5 little monkeys swinging in the trees” this is everyone’s  favourite at the moment as they like to get chased by the crocodile!

We are going to be focusing on emotions and how we feel on a daily basis from now on to encourage the children to talk to us and understand how they feel and hopefully we can help to settle new children a little more easier as well as supporting our children turning three to make new adventures as they move up into Pre-school.

Kelly, Anj, Danni, Maria and Courtney

Charlene Nicholls

Pre-School and Explorers

Charlene, Deputy Manager

‘Welcome back’ to those children who have returned from a summer break and a very warm ‘Welcome’ to those children beginning, and in some cases continuing, their learning journey here at Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids Nursery.

September has seen the children settling into Pre-School after what will have been a busy summer for many. Settling in has been our main focus this month, getting reacquainted with those children returning to us and getting to know those children, and parents, new to us in Pre-School.

Some of the children have been bringing toys into Nursery from home and, whilst it is lovely to see them, special things can often get misplaced, lost or damaged. Therefore, unless your child needs a particular comforter with them at Nursery, please can special things remain at home.

As well as settling in this month we have also been observing the changing season as we move from summer into autumn. The children have spent time outside in the mud kitchen noticing changes to our vegetable planters and talking about what they could see. The children discovered some runner beans and it was a delight to see the ‘awe and wonder’ the experience of opening them up generated! The children talked with an adult about ‘harvest’ and the end of the growing season.  They helped prepare the planters for winter learning how to use trowels, forks and rakes to make the soil ready for our next crop. Watch this space…!

The week beginning September 14th was ‘National Coding Week’ and Pre-School used this annual event as an opportunity to explore ‘Coding’ and ‘STEM’ with the children. STEM brings together Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based on real-world experiences and the children worked with an adult to create a map to find treasure. They also followed oral instructions to make a model from Lego. These learning opportunities led to the children becoming interested in ‘maps’ and enthusiastic about making their own by rolling up pieces of paper. We developed this interest and planned further learning opportunities centered around maps of the local area and through stories such as ‘Rosie’s Walk’ (Pat Hutchins), ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ (Michael Rosen) and ‘The Journey’ (Neil Griffiths). The children were introduced to new vocabulary associated with landmark features on ‘real’ maps and then created their own maps physically before developing their mark-making skills by drawing them on paper.

October will see us resume our visits to Tregoniggie woods and there will be more news on this in next month’s newsletter. 

The Pre-School Team

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