Newsletter November 2021

Rachel Jones and Lynn Grahame

Welcome to our November Newsletter.

Rachel, Founder and CEO | Lynn, Day Care Manager

We will be announcing on FAMLY next week, our invitation for parents who would like a Parent Evening telephone call with ourselves to book a date and time.  This is to allow for the opportunity of a more in-depth conversation around your child’s care and development.  We appreciate not all parents require this, but we do like to provide this opportunity for those who do, and the opportunity is open for all age groups.

Dates for your diary:

We will be closing for the festive break at 6pm on the 23rd December 2021 and reopening Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Funded children’s sessions end 17th December 2021 and recommence 10th January 2022.

Belinda Hosen

Under Two’s

Belinda, Room Leader

We have enjoyed the start of Autumn in the Under Twos rooms. We have brought all the autumn colours into the room with leaves and have enjoyed some lovely autumnal artwork with leaf printing, potato printing, finger painting of fallen leaves and some lovely free painting in all the warm autumnal tones.

We have had fun exploring some seasonal pumpkins and adding stick on faces to make our own jack o lantern designs. The children all got a chance to explore carved pumpkins, opening them up and touching all the seeds. This was very popular and a great sensory experience.

We have had some LED ‘candles’ so that the children could see the glowing orange light from the pumpkins.

We have enjoyed some parachute games in our soft play sessions which have had all the children very excited. We have been outside in our garden and our mud kitchen exploring in the cooler weather and noticing the change of season.

Thank you so much for continuing to send in waterproofs, these are so useful at this time of year.

Belinda and the team.

Kelly Burden


Kelly, Room Leader

For the first week of this month we decided to focus on “squirrels” as we have seen a lot of squirrels in our garden and quite a few of the children have been watching them climb around our trees searching for nuts!  We talked about squirrels and viewed lots of pictures showing different types of squirrels, considering similarities and differences between them.  We provided collage materials for the children to make squirrels if they wanted to as well as free painting.

We also explored hedgehogs, the children learnt lots of interesting facts about them as well as doing lots of creative activities such as decorating hedgehogs using spaghetti pasta, leaves and twigs. We explored lots of leaves and twigs which we found in the garden and made little homes for laminated hedgehogs. We enjoyed a hedgehog hunt in the garden which the children really enjoy. 

In our music and movement sessions in the soft playroom we moved around the room mimicking hedgehogs and squirrels which also led into moving around to other animals of the children’s choices.

Autumn has been the main focus for this month, so we also looked at different types of leaves considering the similarities and differences between them and using paint to make prints of the leaves, to be fair the children preferred to just to paint the leaves with autumnal coloured paints rather than print with them but they enjoyed it all the same. We sorted leaves and matched them up to the same leaves. The children loved to pick up the dry leaves in the garden and throw them around, this encouraged us to talk about why the leaves had fallen from the trees and how the weather was changing and starting to get cold and windy! Which reminds me, can parents please remember to send in a named coat every time they come in as we only have a couple of spares and like to go outside even if it’s a bit drizzly!!

For the final week of this month, we celebrated ‘Halloween’ which was lots of fun!! We explored lots of very different pumpkins, looking at the different colours and textures and talking about how they feel. The children enjoyed lifting them up and rolling them around the room, the children learnt lots of mathematical language such as heavy, light, big, small, and counting from 1-5. We printed using the children’s feet to make ghostly footprints and made lots of ghostly sounds.  We made bats using toilet rolls, again, the learnt lots of interesting bat facts. We explored orange rice and used containers to empty and fill with. We explored orange playdough and used Halloween cutters to print with.  At the end of the week, we had a little bit of Halloween fun and did some dancing to Halloween type music and played parachute games using balloons and some of the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Any questions or queries you have please don’t hesitate to ask!

Many thanks

Kelly, Danni, Maria, Courtney, Tash and Debbie.

Charlene Nicholls

Pre-School and Explorers

Charlene, Deputy Manager

The very end of September and the beginning of October saw Pre-School begin to resume visits to Tregoniggie Woods. These visits offer many learning opportunities and experiences for the children throughout the year and form an important part of the curriculum. Throughout the year the children will learn how the changing seasons, wildlife and people, affect this particular woodland environment.

As we now have your consent to visit the woods whenever the opportunity arises, and weather permits – although, arguably, there is ‘no bad weather, just a bad choice of clothing’ – this means these valuable learning opportunities and experiences can take place ‘in the moment’, and when appropriate. Do rest assured risk assessments are in place and part of that process involves a member of staff visiting the woods on the day, in advance.

Our first visit to the woods saw the children continue to experience the seasonal change of moving from summer into autumn.  We spent time looking closely at what we could see and hear and brought back some ‘interesting’ collections to Nursery.

The children were also encouraged to reflect on previous learning about ‘maps’ when looking at the map at the entrance to the woods. They talked about the features on this map and compared them to the landmark features on maps they had explored with adults in pre-school.

To extend our visits to the woods the children listened to the story ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. A popular story that some children knew well already and were able to join in with, and others knew well by the end of the week. Gruffalos popped up in many different forms and media, such as collage and drawing, throughout the course of the week. Animal footprints appeared outside and the children matched these to the different animals. The adults developed this learning and included a mathematics opportunity to explore and compare the differing lengths of the footprints. Listening to the story with an adult offered an opportunity for the children to explore sequencing the events in the story and an opportunity to develop story language, for example, ‘What happened in the story? What happened next? What happened after…? What happened at the beginning… at the end? What animals (characters) were in the story?

One of the best experiences of the week was the making of some very delicious ‘Gruffalo (apple) Crumble’ which the children, and adults, enjoyed immensely!

As part of ‘Pets Week’ this month we had a visit from ‘Trolley’ the tortoise which encouraged the children develop their knowledge by finding out some fascinating facts about tortoises such as, they live to at least 75 years old and have four toes! The children also learnt how to care for tortoises and what foods they need to eat to remain healthy.

During the last week in October some of the children became interested in Halloween, and we developed this interest by reading the stories ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper, and ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. The children were encouraged to join in with repeated phrases in the stories and predict what might happen next. The children also; investigated the inside of pumpkins, created ‘pumpkin soup collages’ using a variety of materials, experimented with food colouring and water to make ‘potions’, created edible ‘witches hats’ and had opportunities to develop their fine motor skills by tapping wooden shapes into a pumpkin and creating their own spider’s webs from string. This week was a lot of fun with some great learning!

As we move into November the clocks have changed and the evenings are getting darker and so do please take extra care when out and about.

The Pre-School Team

Tina Roberts

Cook’s Corner

Tina, Chef

‘Once upon a time there was a cook named Tina who loved to make meals for your children’

Hello, I’m Tina and I wanted to introduce myself and let you know of some of the things that are made in our kitchen. In the future I’ll be sharing some of my recipes of the most popular dishes, the ones where the children clear their plates and ask for more.

Today I wanted to let you know about menu planning and how I try and choose a variety of dishes. I cook a range of meat, vegetable and fish dishes each week incorporating either pasta, rice, pastry or potato. Pastry does seem to be a favourite.. if it’s a pie they eat it!

A lot of dishes contain hidden veg, I make the pasta sauces and everything from scratch so I know exactly what the children are eating and can make them nutritious and child friendly.

Desserts are more challenging so I make them as healthy as I can by adding a fruit element, for instance, the flapjack I make is packed with dried fruit.  If I can throw fruit in a recipe I will.

I show an interest in the seemingly ever-changing food likes of the children and will continue to try new ideas and play my part in introducing them to a variety of home cooked meals.

‘And they all got fed happily ever after’

Chef Tina!

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