Our Pre-school Rooms each cater for up to 26 children per day, where we offer Nursery Education for 3 to 4 year-olds in preparation for the transition to school.

We follow Early Years Foundation Stage and its seven areas of learning in the planning of activities for pre-school children, and firmly believe in learning through play. Specific areas of the rooms and outside are set out to give the children freedom of choice in the activities they do.

Our Pre-school is led by our very own Early Years Teacher. In having an EYT as part of our team we can be confident in our ability to provide a high quality delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage which impacts on the quality of our setting and the outcomes for the children they work alongside.

On a daily basis our EYT works with small groups of our pre-school children and supports them with their learning, this teaching is carried out through play and is on any areas of the curriculum that they may require support to reach their next steps, or to support them with their developmental needs.

We tailor our provision to meet each and every child’s needs. We believe that children attending our setting deserve the best we are able to give them.

Funded nursery education

Fifteen or thirty funded hours of nursery education are available to all children in the term following their third birthday.

For those claiming 30hrs of funding. childcare can be accessed each week during time time, 38 weeks per year or stretched over 51 weeks at 22hrs per week. For those claiming 15hrs of funding, this can be stretched over the year if required at 11hrs per week.

On starting school full-time, children are able to join our Out of School & Holiday club (5-11 years) for care and fun during the holidays.

All activities within the nursery meet the seven areas of learning outlined in the Department for Education’s Early Years Foundation Stage.