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Sophie Dunkley, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“The team at Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids have been exceptional during the Covid-19 crisis in supporting us with our childcare needs.”

“The team at Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids have been exceptional during the Covid-19 crisis in supporting us with our childcare needs. The girls were relocated here for the pandemic, and from our first contact we have all been so warmly welcomed, reassured and all concerns handled in an incredibly professional and competent manner. Our children ran in on the first day, and every day since! They love all the staff who have cared for them, and they have all been incredible in how they have coped in this situation; remaining calm and professional, which has kept continuity at this time of uncertainly. I would not hesitate to recommend Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids to anyone. They have blown us away with their handling of this situation, which has been done efficiently, safely and always with a smile and kind word, with the girls at the centre of their care. We are truly thankful to each team member at Fit ‘n’ Fun Kids and the sacrifices they have made to enable key workers to keep working. You are all brilliant.”

Sasha, Parent

“Fit N Fun Kids always go above and beyond in their ability to deliver high quality education and care.”

“Both my daughters look forward to coming every day and always leave with a smiling face! As an outstanding setting, I always feel the team strive to continue to raise quality and always put the children first and at the heart of everything they do. As a parent, I have always felt my opinion and input is very much valued and this I feel is key to me leaving my children with Fit N Fun Kids each day for their care and education.”

Alison, Parent

“I just wanted to say a thank you for everything you have done to ensure the children are kept safe and still having fun.”

“My daughter loved her first day back at nursery and asked to go again the next day. It has been a strange time for everyone and sending her back was a difficult decision but we are so happy to have her back.”

Emma, Parent

“I just wanted to say you are AMAZING…”

“Having recently read your latest newsletter, outlining what you have done for your children and staff, I just wanted to say you are AMAZING and I am proud my daughter got to experience time in your setting!”

Suzie, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“My name is Suzie Smith and I have used Fit n Fun for both my son and daughter. My son has additional needs that has affected his ability to talk, walk and meet other developmental milestones. In the first instance the team at Fit n Fun Kids worked tirelessly with Laurie to encourage him to walk unaided.”

“At the age of 2.5 years Laurie was unable to talk properly and would often react in an aggressive manner to other children out of frustration. It was at this point that I feel the staff went over and above what I would expect from a nursery setting. They immediately set about getting the support and help Laurie needed. He was referred to a speech and language therapist and had an SEN referral, which set out a plan for Laurie.

I believe that Laurie’s keyworker, Lynn, was instrumental in taking my son from being a little boy struggling with language, to a chatty, happy, communicative child.

The team would regularly meet with me to discuss Laurie’s needs and developments. I felt continually supported in a way that extended beyond a nursery provision. I was treated with kindness and respect at all times.

His learning was also aided by the fact Laurie loves to be outdoors, and that the nursery provides a fantastic outdoor learning setting.

It was with great sadness that Laurie had to progress to school within weeks of turning four. I believe he would have been better placed staying at nursery, given the huge strides in his learning that he was making whilst there.

My daughter, meanwhile, has made lifelong friends from her time at Fit n Fun Kids. The children she attended nursery with, and moved up through the various stages and classes, remain her staunch friends to this day. I have always found the nursery to be a supportive, nurturing environment, that brings out the very best in the children and parents it supports.”

Rebecca, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“When we first moved to Falmouth, there were a variety of nurseries to choose from, but none of them felt right until we found Fit n Fun Kids.”

“They have been a great support to my family over a very hard time. Our son Baxter had been at the nursery for about 7months when we discovered our daughter was to be born 9 weeks premature. Having no support network here, as we were new to the area, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. Through this time, Fit n Fun Kids gave us some amazing support, allowing my son to have a place whenever we needed. They picked him up and dropped him off whenever it wasn’t possible for us to do so.

Baxter has now been at Fit n Fun Kids for nearly 2 years and he’s come on leaps and bounds. More importantly, he’s really cared for, and he’s happy. Now that his little sister is strong enough, she has also joined him at Fit N Fun Kids, giving us peace of mind.”

Kelly, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“Léa has been attending Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids for 3 years now and couldn’t be happier!”

“Léa has done nothing but thrive in her setting and she absolutely adores everyone who works with her. She will be soon starting school and the worst part is the fact she won’t be attending Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids anymore, if I had my way she would never leave!”

Elaine, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“We started Seraphine at Fit n Fun Kids when she was a tiny 6 months old, and now, almost 2 years later, couldn’t imagine sending her anywhere else.”

All the team have been so caring and involved in her development, and have kept her excitingly challenged, interested and happy both as a baby and now a little girl; she has learned so much and has made such lovely little friends. We love that they are able to spend so much time outdoors in the purpose built play areas, as well as occasional trips to the woods and beach, and that arts and messy play are regularly encouraged!

All the staff really do treat all the little ones as though they are their own, and with such expertise, we never have any worry or doubt that she is not being looked after in the most amazing way – holding space for each child’s individual needs and personality, whilst helping them to learn to play well together and develop great manners. The amazing team are always super happy to talk through their day and keep us updated with fab stories and photos via Tapestry. Seraphine is always so excited when she knows it’s a nursery day and has benefited immensely from being there 3 days a week.

Thank you all at Fit n Fun – you truly are exceptional!”

Freddie’s Father

“As a father, one of the hardest things you will ever have to do is leave your child in the care of another person, especially one you do not know.”

“As a father, one of the hardest things you will ever have to do is leave your child in the care of another person, especially one you do not know. While the initial thought left me worried and anxious as soon as I brought my son, Freddie, into Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids my mind was eased. The staff are friendly and, more than that, treat your child like one of their own. They show so much care to the children that it’s obvious your child is in the safest, most comfortable place they could be. While Freddie does primarily put up a fuss at the prospect of me leaving him, when I peer round the corner and into the room a few minutes later he is laughing and playing with others his own age with the encouragement of the amazing staff.

Freddie is only in for one day of the week and I was worried that his development would be lapsed compared to others his age, the staff supported me in saying that all children are different and develop at their own pace. The staff also use a range of different activities that they know your child will enjoy and help them grow, for instance, my son likes cars and making a mess so Chezelle encouraged him to use cars and vehicles with paint to create a picture. He loves it.

Also the fact that Freddie is only in one day a week and yet is more than comfortable with the nursery nurses/assistants speaks for itself. The environment they create is stimulating and supportive of your child’s needs. Something I really admire about Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids.

A big thank you to all those at Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids for helping Freddie (and me) in the transition to nursery. Couldn’t imagine my child being in a better place for his early education.”

Bridget, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“It was welcoming and friendly.”

“I have two boys and two girls and when I was looking for childcare, Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids came highly recommended. As soon as I went to look around I felt that it was welcoming and friendly and the staff were able to answer everything I wanted to know.

Lily started at eight months old and when I had Poppy, she started at three months old. The way that the sessions are set up for the children are brilliant and Lily and Poppy always look happy and exhausted when I pick them up!

In the two years that I have been taking the girls I have never had to worry and don’t think that I ever will. At fifteen months old, Lily suffered a febrile convulsion whilst at the Nursery. When they rang me I was terrified but the staff were amazing and knew exactly what to do until the ambulance arrived. The Manager came with me in the ambulance and I could never thank her enough for her support and the rest of the staff for everything they did.

Since that first terrible experience Lily has been in and out of hospital quite a few times but the Nursery are always happy to help our family and go out of their way to make life easier. They have even had Poppy in for extra free sessions during times when Lily is unwell and offered free care to our two sons. I know that they are just a phone call away.

They arranged for me to join them in Paediatric First Aid training to help me feel more confident in helping Lily when poorly. Everyone there deserves an award, they really are amazing. My family are so grateful for all their support and congratulate them on the fantastic work they do. ”

Catherine, Parent – Falmouth, Cornwall

“I would just like to take the time and share my experiences of the nursery, Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids in Falmouth that my children have attended over the last 3 years.”

“I would just like to take the time and share my experiences of the nursery, Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids in Falmouth that my children have attended over the last 3 years.

When my son Finn was 2 years old he received funding to enable him to attend nursery for three mornings a week. He has Downs Syndrome and the accompanying global developmental delays associated with this condition. I was very worried about choosing a nursery for Finn as I had never really left him before and was worried that a nursery would not welcome him because of his needs or would be unable to cope with them. I chose Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids on the recommendation of friends and have never regretted my decision.

Far from being reluctant to take on a child with Finn’s needs, the staff at Fit ‘N ‘Fun Kids have gone out of their way to make him feel welcome and an integral part of the nursery alongside his peers and make us feel secure in the knowledge that he is being well cared for.

One of the areas in life that Finn has the most problems with is speech and language and when he started had virtually no speech and still has very little verbal communication. We communicate with Finn mainly through Makaton sign language and have done since he was a baby.”

When Finn started the nursery they organized comprehensive training for the staff and anybody else that wished to learn Makaton and a notice on the door stated ‘A child in our nursery communicates through Makaton sign language so therefore everyone in this nursery needs to be able to communicate in Makaton’. The training was attended by all the staff of the nursery including office staff and nursery workers from other rooms.

The other children attending the nursery were also taught Makaton and they would have a sign a week that they would learn along with Finn.

Finn received a statement of special educational needs when he was two and a half which entitled him to one to one care so he could participate in activities more fully and to make sure his personal care was attended to. His one to one workers have always been fantastic I have always felt happy knowing he was in their safe hands, that they facilitated in his interaction with other children and activities and felt they genuinely cared for him.

He attended a water-sports outdoor activity season last summer with the other children and will do so again this summer.

Finn is in full-time school now that he is five but continues to attend Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids during school holidays. Even though he is five his needs are still complex but it is never an issue in him enjoying his time at nursery and accessing the same benefit as the other children.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids to other parents of children with complex needs and have always found it to be a truly inclusive nursery. ”

Sharon Hindley, Young Mums Will Achieve Project Co-ordinator, St Austell

““The crèche provision [for Young Mums Will Achieve] has made a huge contribution to the value of our project”.

Young mothers are often nervous and reluctant to leave their children with professionals and often rely on friends for their childcare. Our Fit ‘N’ Fun Kids Crèche has built up their confidence in professional childcare and the crèche workers aim to build good relationships with the young mums and can give them tips and advice on childcare issues.

The babies develop really well in their time in the crèche. As it is on site of the project, it works really well with breast feeding mums and workers can call the mums into the crèches to consult if needed.

The Manager of the Support Crèches works in good partnership with our Co-ordinator and other staff involved in the project and we are confident in an honest and open relationship around any issues to keep the children safe and offer the best possible childcare provision within this flexible context.”

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